Join the Hundreds of people just like yourself who are now living happier and healthier lives since learning how to take control of their bodies and gaining the ability to have their Nutrition working for them!

Do you struggle to lose weight, find it difficult putting on muscle or giving them the definition you want?

Are you wanting to not just look healthy but feel healthier and have your body perform at 100% capacity?

Well I have the perfect solution for you.

This isn’t some new fad diet or another one of those programs that give you a tasteless meal plan that you have to follow for the next three months...

Nutrition Mastery is a program that is tailored to fit your bodies specific needs and eradicates the need for you to ever have to search for another bullshit “secret” diet or pay continuously for a nutritionist to come up with generic meal plans for you.

This revolutionary program gives you the Power;

If you want to lose weight, you lose weight...
If you want to add or define muscle, you get the tools to do so...
If you want to feel constant inner health, then get ready to feel better then you ever have before!

This program gives you everything you need - the TOOLS, the KNOWLEDGE and the POWER to ultimately control your nutrition and tailor it to what fits your goals and lifestyle.

Think of some of the greats like Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps. They all worked incredibly hard to get to the point they are at today yet without one crucial thing that they all have in common none of them would have been able to achieve the amazing results that they have...

It’s The Food They Eat.

But this isn’t just any food, and this is where it gets interesting.

Unless you know how certain foods and nutrients are able to complement each other to serve your body best; by boosting your energy and performance, melting body fat or stacking up muscle. Then you will be constantly stuck in a cycle of fluctuating and inconsistent results, where you will often end up right back to where you started not knowing the real reasons why.

Apply now if you’re looking for a program that will literally change your bodies results for the long-term, and keep reading if you want to find out what you will receive if you’re selected as a successful applicant.

This program has limited spaces and fills fast so get in quick while there are still spaces available for the upcoming round!


Nutrition Mastery give you the knowledge, tools and strategies that nutritionists use to help others lose weight, build muscle mass and increase your bodies physical performance. This is the same knowledge that is used by professional athletes.

Yes, the secret is in their nutrition.

Week 1

Learn the essentials of nutrition basics; macro and micro nutrients and fuel sources the body uses so that no matter where your current nutrition knowledge is you will be able to fully grasp and make use of the lessons in the upcoming weeks.

Week 2

Find out why the digestion process is so important for your success and why it’s essential to know the astonishing truth about it. Plus, you’ll learn how to effectively build your own meal-plan and identify what your personal intolerances are. This is not a one-fits-all plan but a plan that is specifically suited to meet your bodies needs and your life’s objectives.

Week 3

Explore the Gut-Brain Connection. Learning the ins and outs of this incredible connection and its role in your emotional wellbeing. Also find out the “food as medicine” approach to digestive upsets such as bloating, reflux and MORE...

Week 4

Uncover the Secret To Intermittent Fasting & Why It Is So Effective To Use. (think fat loss, greater energy and higher cognitive function!) And why sleep is more important than anything & find out how to Sleep Better, Without Waking Up Tired...

Week 5

Reveal the Truth Behind The Power Of Hormones and How to Maximize their potential for your weight loss goals. This section will delve into WHY Men and Women hold weight in different areas and how to understand your stress responses to more effectively manage and control stressful situations.

Week 6

Discover How To Increase Your Overall Performance By 50% & What Supplements You Can Use To Augment That Percentage By An Extra 15%.


  • Nutrition Mastery is a unique program tailored to meet YOUR current goals and also prepare you for your future goals – the program provides you with overall knowledge aimed at controlling your bodies weight and augmenting its performance. You get specific insider knowledge that goes hand-in-hand with your individual goals.
  • It provides you with an easy to learn step-by-step process, where gradually you learn how to design your own meal plans to meet your lifestyle and current desired goals; whilst learning how to properly interpret your body’s signals and respond accordingly to lack of sleep, low energy, cravings, and intolerances.
  • You learn in a like minded community that is there to help you achieve your goals and help shed light on your questions and uncertainties.
  • Unlike other programs out there, you’re not given unsubstantiated facts or fad diets that only garner short term results. Instead you will are given the truth on dieting, and how to make it work for you. You’ll know exactly how to consistently break down every barrier ahead to keep in shape and feel inner health!


  • You then join an incredible group of extraordinary like-minded people who help motivate and support you in reaching your goals.
  • Weekly resources are released for you to study and boost your learning experience by putting it into practice.
  • You get access to 24/7 online support to ensure every question you have is answered in detail and in a timely fashion.
  • Jenna your resident Expert Nutritionist will be beside you throughout the whole journey to ensure you become a guru in diet and nutrition so you can achieve the body, health and physical ability you need to keep reaching and exceeding your goals.

This is a 6 week program and during this time, if you commit to the Full Process we guarantee that you are going to EXPERIENCE results like you have always dreamed of.


Supportive community ready to help answer your questions if you don’t understand a theory, an exercise or an explanation fully; furthermore, there’s a real sense of unity and companionship in the community where everyone helps each other achieve their goals whilst having a awesome time.
Access to Live Streaming sessions from our Expert Nutritionist to answer any questions you may have about the program itself while being taught everything you need to know so that you don’t need to worry about anything else besides training.
Gain access to our Online Portal with an organised knowledge base with invaluable content that you can use to learn the ins and outs of nutrition.
Receive a hands-on approach to knowing what foods you should and should not eat in order to feel healthy and increase your overall physical and mental performance.
Proven and effective system to learn what has been causing your health to fluctuate, by identifying your intolerances and removing them completely from your life while finding a healthy and tasty substitute.

See What Previous Participants Thought Of The Program

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“Hey I did the UY 6 week nutritional course with Jenna last year, and I found it a very informative and enjoyable experience.

I decided to do the program because I was struggling to adjust my eating habits and diet to suit my lifestyle post Bikini Challenge, and the nutrition course helped me greatly with my aim. Jenna was very accommodating with tailoring the information to everyone's goals, and interests. I feel that we all walked away from it feeling refocused and supported.

It taught me additional information to help with flexible dieting (in line with people's lifestyles and exercise regimes), fasting protocols, inflammatory responses that our bodies have to certain foods, and how to work out what suits you, including cheats meals.

What I got most out of it, was the confidence, information and support to know that everyone has their unique dietary challenges, and that when armed with information, we're all in a better position to make educated, informed decisions for long term health. "

Allison Leatham
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"I decided to do the program because I was always wanting to learn more about simple steps that we can implement daily to ensure that I am healthy and fully functional way into my twilight years.

The 6-week course taught me the benefits of intermittent fasting in assisting with longevity in body and mind, the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. The negative effects that bad food can do to both the body and mind. That without good digestion the mind cannot fully function as optimally as it could. How to save time, money and your waistline with handy tips on how to meal plan and prep effectively.

The 6 week course made me realize that we as a person are one unit and if one aspect is off balance, eg. Our nutrition (gut healthy) this put pressure on not just our bodies but our minds, memory’s and our moods and can drastically reduce the quality of life now and later in life.

If you are thinking of doing this course I say DO NOT HESITATE, SIGN UP TODAY … this is the perfect opportunity to pick the brains of a very knowledgeable person in Jenna who along with the vast amount of knowledge in her field has the passion and the willingness to give of her knowledge freely"

Iolanda Fazzari
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"Sometimes we have to unlearn what we believed to be true, or simply be open to learning more about what is healthy, nutritious and feeds both our body and soul.

Jenna Poole, nutritionist at Ultimate You, offers a program that is full of advice, recipes, and information on topics as varied as sleep, the role of hormones on our bodies and explains why we need to detox to name just a few!

I truly looked forward to each Wednesday night enjoying the camaraderie of the group, sharing ideas and each other's questions - lots of fun!

If you are thinking about booking in ..DO IT.. it's a valuable opportunity that works hand in hand with 9in6 and all other programs offered in the UY gym!"

Rebecca Wilde


  • Men and Women searching for a healthier lifestyle; yet need an easier step-by-step way to learn so that applying the nutritional knowledge feels more practical and less theoretical.
  • People who take fitness seriously, and want to further up their game, by learning profound knowledge on how to use certain strategies and tricks to successfully lose weight (without losing too much muscle mass) and gain weight (without stacking up additional fat).
  • People who want to lead a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the good moments where delicious food is to be appreciated.
  • People who want to lose weight, because 70% of weight loss is just about what you eat.
  • People with health problems that need better knowledge regarding dietary habits. Foods that might aid with Heart disease, cancer (vegan diets for example) … even people with issues such as anxiety, stress and related disorders may be helped with nutritional knowledge because ultimately, we are what we eat!
  • People wanting to boost their athletic ability and reach a new peak in health and fitness.
  • If you’re ready to take back control of your health, body and energy more than ever before, then don’t hesitate even for a moment and APPLY BELOW NOW.