Check out some of the questions we are commonly asked about the Ultimate You Franchising Opportunity

What is Ultimate You Change Centres

Ultimate You Change Centres is a unique health & fitness concept that helps people lose weight and transform their health and wellness through the unique three pillars of change philosophy, in a caring community and using state of the art programs and challenges. We use high interval training, expert nutrition plans, optional supplements, and trainers to help our members lose weight while tracking their results.

What are the franchise startup costs?

The total investment estimate to begin operations of a new franchise location with Ultimate You Change Centers ranges between $200,000 and $260,000. This includes construction cost, real estate, equipment package, and other necessities.

What is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee for your first gym location is $60,000- 70,000, which is included in the initial investment range.

Is financing available?

Yes. We are able to assist you with getting financing by linking you up with one of our finance partners who are able to help our Franchisees with startup.

How big is the retail space needed?

The space needed for an Ultimate You Change Center is between 350 - 1,000 square meters.

What are royalties?

Royalties are 8% and are paid on a monthly basis.

How many employees do I need?

When first opening up your Ultimate You Change Center, our typical franchisee’s will need an average of 4 staff. This will obviously increase though as your site grows.

How do I recruit trainers?

Ultimate You franchisees have had a lot of success finding quality trainers through job advertising websites, Social Media and Gumtree. We also are able to assist our franchisees with internal marketing to our existing database, depending on where your location will be opening.

How do I get an FDD?

We will supply the FDD after you are successful in your preliminary interview.

When was it founded?

Ultimate You was founded in 2012 by Andy and Andrea and was based on a mission to create an innovative and industry-transforming company, that facilitates extraordinary and lasting change in the lives of everyday people, and in the state of the world’s physical and mental health as a whole. Through this mission along with our famous 9in6 Challenge, Ultimate You has grown and evolved and is now expanding across Australia as more and more people join the mission.

How do I find members?

Ultimate You Headquarters will run your advertising for you and bring in leads which you will then convert into challengers for your site. Our advertising formula has been tried and tested and helps all our sites get Members signed up and ready, from the day you open your doors!

What is the equipment package I’ll need?

The franchisee will need office equipment (chairs, front desk, etc), lighting, sound, and a gym equipment package that includes items like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, treadmills and other miscellaneous weight equipment.

What are the qualifications for ownership?

The franchisee needs to have good credit and minimum liquid funds at least $50,000 to qualify for financing.