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The 6-Week Bikini Body Challenge Melbourne


*The results of this program may vary based on your commitment towards your diet & adherence to following the plan given. Individual results may vary.


Lose The Last 5kg. Get Toned and Lean. Unleash YOUR Inner Warrioress.

Hey Girls,

If you are looking to kick start a lifelong journey of health, fitness, strength and vitality and shed that pesky last 5kg without sacrificing long-term health and fitness – you’re going to love every word on this page.

My name in Andrea Anderson and over the past five years, I’ve helped over 15,000 people to transform their bodies in the safest way possible, I’ve competed (and placed) in national bikini body contests, built a multi-million dollar company with my husband Andy AND I’ve done all of this while maintaining a balanced, happy and energetic body.

But… I don’t say all this to brag or boast. I say it because I think I’m probably a lot like you.

If you’re anything like me..


You’re Sick to Death of Fitness Gurus and Instagram Sensations Trying to Sell You The “Perfect Body”…

Or sending the message that “you’re not good enough” through their incessant posting and fantasy worlds. And there’s no doubt you’re sick of their overpriced, “quick-fixes” that always under-deliver and leave you wanting more.

You want to be fit, healthy and vibrant… Not a stick insect who can’t even support their own weight…

… Or a pill-popping, meal-replacing, fad-dieter who lives a miserable life just so they can show off their skeletal body on Facebook.
So… I want to ask you…

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You’re fit and reasonably healthy but you’ve hit a weight loss plateau?
  • You've done the 9in6 challenge & now you're ready for the next challenge
  • You’ve got low body fat but you’re still not happy with the tone and energy of your body?
  • You want to be strong, vibrant and healthy in a way that’s sustainable and fun?
  • You “yo-yo” in weight and can’t seem to maintain a lean body?
  • You struggle to stay motivated and stick to a program or healthy eating for any length of time?

Well, if you just answered “yes” to any of the above, I’ve got good news…


The 6-Week Bikini Body Challenge Gives You All The Tools, Training, Facilities & Support to Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life & Launch A Life-Long Journey Of Fitness, Health & Vitality.

Say GOODBYE to short-lived results, frustration and weight-fluctuations and “HELLO” to the new, empowered, ULTIMATE YOU.

Here’s What This Is All About…

This in-person 6-week Challenge has been carefully designed to ensure you get the toned, strong body you’ve always wanted AND you make the mental shifts necessary to stay that way for good.

It is comprised of in-person training (in Melbourne), personlised nutrition plans, online educational content, unlimited access to supportive, world-class fitness facilities AND a strong focus on re-programming your mindset for sustained and ongoing improvements in all aspects of life.

If you commit to the program… this is what I can promise you:

  • You WILL make a significant physical transformation – you’ll lose a minimum of 5kg, be stronger, more aware of your body and able to push harder than ever before (and actually enjoy it).
  • You WILL make a significant mental shift that means you can maintain your physical results AND lead yourself to bigger, better results in your health, wealth and relationships long after the program has ended.
  • You will NEVER go back to who you were before the challenge – you’ll literally unleash a new, unstoppable YOU (sounds a bit “airy fairy” – but there’s no better way of articulating the transformation you will make).

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Get

TRAINING: Get a Personalised “Streamlined Body” Training Plan & Family-Like Support

Here’s what you’ll get in the Exercise portion of the 6 Week Bikini Body Challenge….

  • A PDF Exercise Program That’s Tailored To YOU - Your Starting Point, Your Goals And Your Body Type so you can be sure that every second in the gym is moving you towards the body, health and vitality you crave (you’ll have a lot more fun knowing there’s science behind the “madness”).
  • Weekly “Dynamic” Updates to Your Program Based On Your Progress and Feedback An expert coach will assess your results each week and adapt your exercise plan to ensure you don’t plateau, get bored or lose motivation.
  • Proven “Giant-Set” and HIIT Exercise Protocol: You’ll focus on weight training and high intensity cardio that’s been proven over and over again to invigorate your metabolism and tone a strong, svelte body (think Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Emily Skye or Halle Berry).
  • Work A Different Muscle Group Each Day so you lose pesky fat faster, sculpt your physique and build body awareness without burnout or injury.
  • A Convenient 5-Day Training Cycle (1-2 Hrs. Per Day) – So you still have time to recover and relax and live life around your exercise.
  • Train In Pairs Or Groups so you always have accountability, support and camaraderie (there’s private message boards and online groups so you can arrange your sessions at times that suit you best).
  • Highly Skilled Trainers On Hand During Peak Times so you can get your questions answered and form corrected while you train (it’s like having a personal encyclopaedia of health and fitness at your fingertips).

NUTRITION: Custom Nutrition That Makes Your Body (& Tastebuds) Sing

You will get a Personalised, simple-to-follow PDF nutrition plan that is tailored for your body type, dietary requirements and body fat percentage.

You’ll also…

  • Learn Exactly When & What To Eat Based On Your Typical Daily Schedule to keep you in “tone & strengthen” mode while stripping away un-wanted fat.
  • Adopt a Very Clean, All-Natural Lifestyle (no meal replacements or fasting here),
  • An Endless Supply of Delicious, Healthy Recipe Ideas so you keep your tastebuds satisfied while you transform (we don’t want to give up ALL comforts!).
  • Learn The Precise Macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) YOU Need to support a strong, vibrant body and healthy mind.
  • Get “Dynamic” Nutrition Plan Updates based on your weekly progress reports and feedback (so your always nurturing your body with the precise nutrients it needs)

MINDSET: Transplant The “Athlete Mindset” Into Your Brain

You will learn (through self-paced practical exercises and online training modules) how to…

  • Master Your Emotions And Unleash Your Inner “Warrioress” – so you always feel in control of your circumstances not matter how stressful, frustrating or uncomfortable the situation.
  • Create An “Archetypal Vision” For Yourself that gives you endless motivation and taps into inner-power you didn’t know you had.
  • Bring Out Your Inner Athlete and become relentless in the face of setbacks and adversity.
  • Embrace Uncertainty & Change (you’ll have newfound confidence and thrive in situations that made your old self weak at the knees).
  • Reset Your Mental Limits (Once you know how to reprogram the invisible thermostat that keeps you stuck at your current level of health, fitness, wealth and happiness – you’ll be unstoppable).
  • Unlock “Neuromuscular” Pathways that let you isolate different muscles, and build a balanced toned and functional body.

SUPPLEMENTATION: Advanced “SuperHealth” Supplement Protocol (It’s Entirely Safe & Healthy)

  • An advanced (optional) supplement program that will get your body into “flow” and keep you healthy and vibrant while you get into the best shape of your life.
  • You’ll be advised on the optimum pre, during and post workout supplements to ensure your body gets everything it needs to recover and thrive.
  • Custom list of perfectly healthy, safe and legal supplements that will let you get the best results from this elite program without throwing your body into chaos.

MOBILITY: Keep Yourself Limber, Injury Free and as Agile as a Leopard

  • Get pre and post workout mobility training to ensure you don’t get injured and maintain your full range of motion while you transform your body.
  • Get access to an entire resource library for you to deepen your knowledge on how the body works and how to look after it for peak performance.
  • Learn how to conduct “self-maintenance” so you don’t need chiropractors, osteopaths or massage therapists to keep you performing your best.
  • Learn how to systematically release built up physical stress that is putting you at risk of injury and can keep you stiff and sore.


As well as Training, Nutrition, Mindset, Supplement and Mobility training, plans and support – you will also get…

  • Full access to all gym facilities at Ultimate You Melbourne. Including…

    - World class training facility
    - Paleo cafe
    - Cardio equipment
    - Thousands of Kgs of free weights
    - Rows and rows of weight machines and cardio equipment
    - 1x group training class per week (cardio)
    - Infrared sauna (Melbourne only)

  • Weekly Reporting & Feedback From a Highly Trained Coach to monitor your progress and adjust nutrition, training and supplementation as necessary.
  • A Highly Engaged, Passionate & Supportive Community of Like-Minded People. You’ll meet regularly in-person (to train!) and get access to an exclusive Facebook group to share recipes, training secrets, mindset breakthroughs and motivation. (There’s also trained coaches who frequent these discussion groups to keep you on track).
  • Online Portal With All Training, Mindset, Nutrition and Supplement Content as well as recorded seminars and bonus content.
  • Before and After (Professional) Photo-Shoot as well as digital copies of your transformation photos so you can keep a record of your life-changing journey and see proof of just how far you’ve come.
  • $500 credit Prize For The Person Who Displays The Best Combination Of…

    - Mental transformation
    - Physical transformation
    - Overall positive attitude towards the experience


Nicole Web

When I decided to do the bikini body challenge I had just started back at work after 4.5 months off work and had not even received my first pay check. I needed something to get my brain back into gear and make me get my routine and accountability back on track again. I am so glad that I did do it! I followed the program and was there minimum 5 times a week and even found myself up at 5am to do early morning sessions! The change I had physically was awesome but the mental change was epic! I would recommend this program to all girls who are really wanting to change their worlds! Andrea gives amazing support throughout and helps pic you up when your having your self doubt moments. And the friendships and sisterhood you get from the girls you train with is incredible! Best thing I have EVER done for myself!! Thank you Andrea from the bottom of my heart for designing this incredible program xx

Sara Suhaili

6 weeks ago, I was spending countless of hours a day doing cardio, in hopes of shedding those final few kilos. Today, I am stronger, fitter, leaner - and it’s all thanks to UY's Bikini Body Challenge (BBC). The program taught me how to lift heavy (using the proper form, of course), how to fuel my body correctly and how to re-program my mindset from a procrastinator to a go-getter warrior!!! I feel 200% happier and in the best shape of my life. The BBC taught me to embrace the uncomfortable. The guidance provided with by my incredible Coach Andrea and the whole team at UY was a huge source of support and motivation for me. Being accountable to Andrea each week and having the BBC community support on Facebook enabled me to stay on track throughout the 6 weeks. Just like the 9in6, this program taught me how it’s only when you’re truly out of your comfort zone that you can achieve great and bold things…. Its about damn time, we all become the best versions of ourselves.

Ranee Heard

When I first started the Bikini Body Challenge with Ultimate You, so many thoughts were running through my head. I was fearful in many ways, some of which include disappointing myself and others around me, not executing the exercises correctly and looking silly, as well as being afraid that I wouldn’t see the results that I so desperately wanted no matter how hard I tried. All of which were negative thoughts that I now realise really had no logic to them what so ever.

Throughout the BBC I have learned about a whole new side of training that I otherwise might not have had the privilege of knowing had I of not taken up this opportunity. And thankfully I did, because it’s the best thing I’ve done this year. I should probably thank Cam here for recommending the challenge, so, thanks Cam!J.

I have learned about methods such as giant sets, drop sets, stripping method, hypertrophy and training tempo as well as a vast variety of exercises and most importantly how to read your program and perform the exercises correctly in order to achieve the results that you so desire. I realise some of these methods will seem very foreign to you at this moment, but in all honesty, it soon becomes second nature and you come to love the research, preparation and dedication that you will put into your training sessions. I in fact found myself wanting to learn more, see more and do more, all from the results and changes that I could see happening to my body. The compliments also helped haha :P.

However, not only do you learn about weight training, you also receive a nutritional plan and advice around this, which includes carbohydrates, proteins and fats, the volume to consume and when the most ideal times are. Believe me, it really does make a difference. There is absolutely truth to this 80/20 rule, abs are made in the kitchenJ.

Now I’m not saying that everything about the challenge was easy, it certainly wasn’t, but it wouldn’t be called a challenge if it were meant to be easy. I myself went through many emotional ups and downs throughout this challenge, be it physical and mental. But along with these emotions also came an overwhelming amount of support from friends made at UY, the UY staff and also Andrea herself.

It was through this challenge and the struggles of which I overcame that I was able to recognise a true sense of who I really am, how strong I am and just how much dedication, hard work and sacrifice that I was willing to put in in order to achieve my goals. I chose to do this challenge in an attempt to improve my aesthetics, however came out of the challenge realising there is so much more to me than just aesthetics and thus more importantly I’ve emerged with a wealth of knowledge, increased strength in body and mind and ultimately the ability to be able to finally say to myself ‘I love me, for who I am’.


I have recently done the bikini body challenge and oh my what a challenge!!! I did this challenge to improve my weight training. I wanted to learn proper technique and work on different muscles of my body. I was so excited and nervous about doing this challenge, but after the information night we had with Andrea, I was at ease and ready to tackle the first day.

The first week was a bit overwhelming in terms everything was kind of new, trying to get your technique right and figuring your weights. This got better because I was training with like-minded girls. We encouraged, motivated and saw potential in each other. Also there was always a coach on the floor happy and willing to help and give some words of encouragement.

During the course of the challenge I saw a significant change in a lot of areas in my life. My strength and endurance improved (I was lifting much heavy weights compared to the first week) and I am more confident working out in the weight area. My mental state, being able to push through the pain whilst training or just being able to shift my mindset when I had an off day. I have also learnt to be more confident and love my body shape more and the way it was changing.

One of the best things about this challenge is meeting other girls, been part of their journey getting to know who they are. I know I have built relationships that will last.

Thank you Ultimate You team, Andrea and Melvin for this program. It has and will continue to change a lot of women’s lives. Here’s to building strong confident women.


Before joining UY, I was feeling really uncomfortable. I lost a lot of weight soon after joining UY. However, I still wanted to lose the last couple of kilos while giving focus to developing certain areas of body – especially my legs and midsection. I knew I had to alter my fitness routine and elements of my nutrition in order to do this – you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. The Bikini Body Challenge was perfect for me. Andrea coached and advised me on training and nutrition throughout the 6 weeks so I could reach my goals. I made a lot of friends along the way too as the rest of the girls on the program had been on a similar journey to me also. The photoshoot on the final day was so much fun and I am so happy with my results! Thanks UY!!!"


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