Ultimate You Change Centre

With the help of Ultimate You founder Andy Anderson’s innovative mindset transformation process, readers will be equipped to make instant and lasting changes in their lives!


From Andy Anderson, founder and CEO of Ultimate You – the innovative fitness, nutrition, and coaching franchise that is transforming the ives and minds Down Under – comes a clear, actionable, step-by-step process that will help anyone make dramatic changes in life and health. Anderson himself is a true embodiment of transformation: After years of excessive drinking and wallowing in self-doubt, he found the strength to dramatically improve his health, become a professional athlete, and build a seven-figure business with more than sixty staff members and thousands of clients. And just how did he accomplish so much by his early thirties?

Achievable, with deadline
Geared for the greater good

These are essential qualities of any goal we set for ourselves, according to Andy, and his groundbreaking Motivation Matrix holds the key to activating them. Whether you are stuck in an unfulfilling career, determined to break your cycle of unhappiness, or desperate to finally improve your health and fitness, Andy’s cutting-edge strategies will allow you to finally smash through self-limiting beliefs and realise your full potential.

Andy Anderson is an Australian entrepreneur, speaker, and professional athlete. As founder and CEO of Ultimate You – a fast growing fitness, nutrition, and coaching franchise built around his three-phase mindset transformation process – he is on a mission to help people elevate their minds, bodies, and businesses worldwide.