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Making Time Management Work: UY Chats to Matt Bennett about his fears, challenges, and tips for success!

We know time management can be a huge barrier for many people when it comes to embarking on a health and fitness journey. Juggling children, family commitments, work, a social life and workout schedules can be a daunting task.

For many people the fear of failure or feeling as though you have to sacrifice the things that are important to you are so overwhelming the journey to a better you never gets off the ground.

Matt Bennett is one of our Melbourne 9in6 participants. Matt and his partner Joy found they were getting too comfortable, they were heavier than they would like to be, and with Matt facing a diagnosis of dangerously high blood pressure the couple knew they had to make some drastic changes.

Matt wanted to make changes to improve his health and quality of life, but was hesitant when he heard our Change Agents mention five classes a week and a strict diet plan. Much to his surprise Matt triumphed in the program. He lost an incredible 17.3kgs and has continued to achieve amazing results even after the program finished.

We decided to have a chat to Matt about his experience in the program, his tips for time management, and how he overcame the self doubt he was feeling and smashed his goals.


What were the biggest concerns you had when entering the 9in6 program?

The fear of failure was my biggest concern. Since a young teenager I had always battled with my weight and been on that constant rollercoaster of whenever I did manage to lose weight I always put it back on – usually with interest! I just didn’t believe I was going to physically complete the training required and have the will power to meet the dietary requirements to drop the 9kg. My fears were somewhat justified given my past failures, but what was completely wrong was the thought that it just couldn’t be achieved at all and that failure was inevitable.


How did the results make you feel?

Losing 17.3kg had me in absolute shock to begin with. I lost 5.6kg in my first week and I remember going to Trent saying that there must be some mistake with the scales because it was just not possible. This of course didn’t happen every week, but I was able to maintain a constant loss each week and achieve some of my goals I had set. By the end the feeling was very surreal. To think that I had made the commitment and achieved what I never thought possible was a great feeling.


How did the program expectations affect other facets of your life?

The expectations of the program are obviously high and at various points throughout the 6 weeks you certainly feel the weight of those expectations. The financial commitment was also a great pressure at $500 for each of us I really needed to ensure that money was not going to be wasted. But with the pressure came commitment – the fact that we had paid out $1000 made us 100% committed and the incentive of having that money credited back upon achieving the goal was very useful. It made us accountable.


How did you manage your time and integrate the 9in6 schedule into your every day life?

For us the class schedule was one of the biggest attractants of UY. We both start work early in the CBD, so being able to travel to UY before peak traffic in the morning and smash out two classes, shower, and be at work by 7.30 suited us to the ground.

Nutrition was the other major factor to consider. I cannot stress enough how vital it is to prepare! I remember the first week I hadn’t done any meal prep and was doing it nigh by night and for just the following day. By day 4, I was complaining it was too hard and we were never going to succeed. With the help of others on the Facebook portals I saw how they were portioning out or chopping up and sorting all their veg and meat for the whole week. With that help we were back on track!

We would schedule in our meal prep one afternoon or evening in the weekend, which left our weeknights free and made us feel like we had our own healthy smorgasbord to choose from every day! If it was a cold winters day I’d take veggies and meat for a hot meal, or if it was warmer or I wanted a lighter meal I’d do salads and protein.


What would you say to people who might be worried the program is too hard?

Firstly, if I can do it, anyone can!

Secondly, believe what the UY team tells you. They said my metabolism would take a week or so to change and it did. They said you will struggle both physically and mentally between weeks 3-4 and I did. The difference is that you know what to look out for and how to prepare mentally to ensure you can deal with it and get back into the right mindset if you waiver.

Another massive factor that influences success is the family atmosphere that the entire UY team has built. You walk into the gym and see happy, familiar, positive faces and encouragement. When you struggle the trainers know exactly how to get you through it – and they will get you through it. They will push you when you need to be pushed and provide the TLC and support when you need a little.

Lastly, trust in the program and trust in yourself and you will get there.