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Achieve Never-Ending Growth: Follow Just 10 Easy Rules

Yes, it’s true. If Jay Cutler could do it, you can do it too, and believe it or not he only followed these easy laws to get there. So, without any further due, let’s take a look.

Rule 1: Use what works.

Yes, as much as we love trying new things out, to get something effective, there’s no other way to this. Don’t fall in the trap of unconventional, tricky, and gimmicky equipment. If you look at Jay Cutler, you’ll find him doing only bench presses, squats, pullovers, rows, preacher curls, and press-downs. If you’re wondering how these are most effective, I have only one answer for you – because they work. These movements are made for the mass-gainers, and about only 8-12 rep range will do the job.

Rule 2: Go for Sets, not Reps.

You may find it surprising, but the largest parts of your body need only about 12-16 sets of work for growing. However, way to become more surprised, Jay only performs 3-4 times that number of sets for a particular body part. While many body builders may disagree, this has been proved to be most effective.

Rule 3: REST.

Yes, simply rest. Whether you agree or not, you need it. The most difference exists when you’re making the most out of every season. Amateurs may go otherwise; however, for advanced lifters, trust me, this is the best way to go. Get enough rest between your sessions, and you’ll be more than good to go.

Rule 4: Countering rule 3.

Resting? Do it. But don’t get addicted to it and don’t do it more than necessary.

A study in the College of New Jersey revealed that when you’re bench pressing with only 30 seconds of rest between sets, it burns more than 50 percent calories during that session.

Experts from the University of Southern California said that men who rested exactly 1 minute were more effective and built more size and strength four times than those who rested more than five minutes.

So, yes, do more, live more, grow more, and nonetheless eat more.

Rule 5: Get more when you need more.

The rule is pretty self-explanatory. Jay has never been afraid about getting a body part more than once in a week. If you need it, go for it. There’s no other way to it. However, focus in a different way, if you’re doing it twice.

Rule 6: Challenge yourself and then challenge again.

Failure is the way to go. Jay competed in Mr. Olympia six times before finally winning. He said that the lessons that he got from losing were the key to his final winning. You’ll have to critique your body parts badly and be your own judge at first. But don’t be afraid as you are going to win, if you keep at it.

Some time ago, when Jay realized that his legs and back needed improved tunings for him to stay in the field, he simply went and adjusted his schedule and started lifting harder and heavier. If you’re an athlete, you can’t just be sensitive.

Rule 7: Have faith in your equipment.

The number of body building techniques is growing by the number of birds in the sky in summer. You’ll find a lot more than you can even digest and not to mention more than you’ll be able to use. The topics vary from weight loads, frequency, volume, training times, and even advanced techniques.

Don’t fall in the traps. Jay trains when his body tells him to train. Train when you feel like it. Trust yourself and trust your equipment. Don’t force yourself to those late nights’ lifting and sweating.


Yes, don’t be afraid. You do what you have to, not what you’re supposed to. Break the barrier and go to the other side like a king does.

While it’s absolutely important to have a plan, never be so taken up by the schedule that you’ll have to force yourself to do something that neither your body nor your mind supports. While commitment is good, go easy on yourself from time to time.

Rule 9: EAT every time like you never ate before.

No, I’m not going mad. When you’re making yourself do toughies, you should go for meats and meats. It’s okay, if you’re a vegetarian. Just consume in bulk, not like a tiny rabbit.

Rule 10: Consider QUADS.

Nowadays, bodybuilding judges have a tendency to become a bit more consumed with detecting the best tie-in on stage by making hamstrings a bit more than essential to remain in the field. You must train for balance; however, remember that there’s no replacement for a giant set of quads.

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