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10 Best Workout Supplements for Gaining Mass

Do you like eating or do you like exercising? Well, it is a question that didn’t need asking considering the answer is obvious. Anyone in their sane mind would choose the former in a heartbeat, while do everything they can to avoid the latter. However, it can be said that both are important when it comes to our health. Not only for remaining healthy and fit, but also to have a good, steady and strong body. Maximizing growth can be very important, which however, will not occur only with the help of body building equipment, but also with the help of certain ingredients in our food which are absolutely critical such as:

1. Whey Protein Powder: Nothing can beat whey, a milk protein, to gain you the highest level of muscle and growth. With a fast absorption power and the ability of increasing blood flow in the muscles, it will also increase your size and strength and end up losing fat and preserving muscle.

2. Casein Protein Powder: Another milk protein, Casein protein powder are much longer-lasting and will spread amino acids slowly and steadily throughout your bloodstream. A study conducted in Netherlands have recently concluded that taking in casein two and a half times more will lead to higher metabolic rate and a better fat balance, with satiety level 33% higher.

3. Creatine: Made up of three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine, this popular weightlifting supplement is reported to increase brain function as well as treat the depressed. However, it needs to be taken frequently and also lack of exercise might reduce its effectivity.

4. Branched-chain Amino Acids (BCAAS): These represent three of the most crucial amino acids i.e. leucine, isoleucine, and valine; which when taken 5-10 grams with breakfast, pre and post workout, can increase energy, muscle growth along delayed muscle soreness.

5. Beta-Alanine: This form of amino acid can lead to an increase in power and strength in the body, giving it more endurance for contraction with only 2-4 grams of it per day after workout.

6. Nitric Oxide Boosters: A boost of energy, this supplement can actually make a tiring and worn-out day of yours into a fully energetic one with its ability to dilate blood vessels and for increasing oxygen, nutrients and hormone delivery.

7. Glutamine: With 61% of our skeletal muscle as glutamine, it can be quite easy to say that they are crucial when it comes to delivering nitrogen in our muscle cells. Cell-volumizing, Anti-catabolism etc are its key roles when preventing muscle breakdown.

8. ZMA: ZMA is a popular supplement among athletes, gymnasts, and bodybuilders because of its ability to help bodies get deeper levels of REM sleep while increasing the level of testosterone and IGF-1 and causing major changes in muscle gain.

9. Carnitine: 1-3 grams of Carnitine each day during pre and post workouts can boost the blood flow, muscle growth, and testosterone level. It can be found in many forms such as L-carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitine or L-carnitine-L-tartrate.

10. Beta-Ecdysterone: And lastly, this phytochemical is naturally developed in plants and insects which help bodybuilders from building muscle to increase in body tissues. It has the ability to increase growth powerfully without the negativities of steroids.

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