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10 Leg Exercises Every Man Should Try

Yes, using up all of your time on building your upper body might not be enough when you have maximized the growth. With upper body strength comes the need for lower body strength too, particularly when the legs are being used the most for the exercises and the workouts. Continuous walking during the day can have its effects on the legs, for which the restoration of strength and stamina is vital. Thus, to help you get back on your feet and have a muscular and proportionate body, here are 10 exercises which will restore your inner Usain Bolt back to health:

1. Leg Press: This weight training exercising machine can be used without much hard work as you lie down and push the weight away with your legs, ultimately leading to a lot of pumping of blood into the legs, encouraging growth and workout in calves, hamstrings etc from a 90 degree angle.

2. Squats: How can we forget one of the greatest leg exercise practices of all times? Squat exercises can lead to many benefits including a full body workout while toning legs, strengthening the core, etc. With movements you might have actually done in your daily life, they are not very hard to get a hold of, and once done, it can be quite enjoyable too.

3. Sumo Squats: Another type of squat, sumo squats are usually done with feet wider than hip width. They are great at increasing flexibility in the inner thighs while also maintaining the glutes.

4. Split Squats: Split squats are now becoming a popular choice among many strength coaches. Requiring for the person to stand with their back foot behind, dumbbells are essential which the person will use in order for muscle exercise along with balancing the feet. Glutes, calves and quads are their main focus.

5. Glute machine: Obvious by the name, glutes exercises can be performed easily in them such as hip hinge, glute bridge etc. All you have to do is climb onto the machine and then you can proceed with your glutes pressing on the machine and do a number of sets in order to have more strength as well as flexibility on the glutes.

6. Dead lifts: Don’t be scared by the name. This weight lifting exercise is one of the most common exercises you will come across in a gym. All you have to do is load a barbell from the group to the hips while your whole body works out with the pressure. However, don’t handle more weight than you are capable of, these are called “heavy” lifting for a reason.

7. Leg extensions: Another weight training exercise, they require resistance while focusing on the quadriceps muscles of the legs. With the Leg Extension Machine, all they require is for your leg to bend at the knee and then go back to the original position.

8. Leg curls: Leg curls will require you to climb onto the machine and bending your legs till your heels reach your buttock and then bring them back again. Yes, makes you feel like a baby but with hard work!

9. Calf raises: Calf raises mainly target your calf through standing on toes, holding dumbbells while maintaining balance to come down again without falling.

10. Lunges: And lastly, this popular positional exercise will require you to put one knee bent and forward while the other remains behind. While you can increase the pressurize with dumbbells, the lunges alone will strengthen and build muscles.

thumbnail credit: adventure.howstuffworks.com