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5 Ways To Maintain A Fitness Mindset

Someone famous once said that fitness or exercise is not only about the body but also the mind. That is to say that if you can get past the mental block you can always do more, achieve more, and succeed better. We often fall behind our workout schedule or even the desire to start working out due to our mindset. We quit or give up even before we start because we “think” we cannot do it. Here are five ways to maintain a mindset about exercising.

1. Be realistic: Working out can be of different kinds. You can either workout to lose weight, to maintain a toned body, or to body build. However if you don’t know what you are looking for then it is likely you will lose the focus in a short time. If say you are looking to lose weight then you can’t look at yourself and wonder why your muscles are not building up. That kind of mindset deters oneself from working out and eventually end up quitting.

2. Form a schedule: Exercising can be a burden if you don’t have a clear schedule. If you have exams coming up or got a hectic schedule at work then you won’t have the clear mind to exercise. If you are trying to squeeze one hour in between your classes then don’t. Doing that will only hamper your desire to exercise. Make a day plan, if your office hours are from 9-5 then decide to hit the gym after 6. That way you have no other things to worry about and your mind is fully focused on your workout sessions.

3. Get a partner: Trust me when I say this, having a workout partner makes you more efficient, mentally and physically. A partner is not only there to motivate you while you are lifting those weights or when you are running, but having one makes you mentally focused. With a partner you cannot afford to skip a training session. You make plans with him/her to go at specific time. Overall you start having fun. It no longer becomes a painful thing to do but something you look forward to. There is always a competitive edge with a partner as well.

4. Set goals: We often think what’s the use of working out if there are no results. This mental block can be changed if you set targets for your work. If you are intend on losing weight by running then start with a 10 minute run. Once your body gets used to it extend to 20 minutes then 30 and so on. This way you are achieving your targets and you feel good as you accomplish them. As a result you want to work out more and look forward to push your limits.

5. Sleep it off: Every time you work out make sure you get plenty of rest. This way your body recovers and you are not sore the next day. Fatigue plays a key part in stopping you from exercising. The more you sleep, the fresher you are mentally and physically. And your mindset is still focused on exercising.