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4 New Gadgets That Will Make Fitness Workout More Fulfilling

In recent times fitness has become a top priority among the mass people.  Almost everybody is health conscious now; and why won’t they? It is common knowledge that the more you remain fit the better life you lead. You become less stressful and there is a positive factor in your life. With that being said there are technologies in the market that helps us to make our workout more fulfilling. Here are the top four gadgets that will significantly improve your workouts.

1. Fitbit Aria: This might look like your ordinary weighing scale but I can assure you it is much more. The Fitbit Aria is a modern day weighing scale that can not only tell you how much you weight but also calculate your body fat percentage. This feature differentiates between mass and fat thereby giving you an idea was to whether you gained muscle mass or simple fat. This is perfect for those looking to bulk up. Another feature is that it can store 8 different users’ data and then you can transfer it wirelessly to your computers.

2. Under Armour E39 : Just like the fancy nature of the name the device itself is also quite fancy. The Under Armour is basically a compression shirt that has been outfitted with electronic sensors used for tracking biometrics. In simpler terms this device will monitor the heart rate, breathing rate, acceleration, body positioning and motion. This is perfect for athletes looking to train themselves and record their progress. The best part is that you only need to wear it like a normal shirt and you are good to go.

3. Striiv : So you don’t have the time to train yourself or join a gym.  You don’t get to use all the fitness gadgets? Off course you do and this is where Strivv comes into play. This pocket sized pedometer cum gaming platform allows you to score points in a series of challenges as you go on with your busy life. It will record and give you points based on the number of steps you took, the miles walked, the number of stairs climbed and so on.  Striiv also has a walkathon feature which donates money on the users behalf based on their user’s score. Now you can start being fit and donate at the same time. Sounds fantastic.

4. Valencell V-LINC Earbuds : When you are running or working out you want to listen to some music to pump you up. At the same time you want a device to keep track of your biometrics. However having so many devices with you kind of hinders your progress. The Valencell Earbuds not only allows you to listen to your favorite music but it records all your data as well. It can store your heart beat, respiration rate, energy expenditure, speed, distance, and so on. All these data can be seen on your smart phone as well. Quite a handy product.