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5 Effective Ways Of Getting The Perfect Broad Shoulder

It’s no secret that every guy wants to have broad shoulders. Every girl wants to have a man with broad shoulders. However a lot of people choose to ignore working on their shoulders. Instead they focus on their chest and arms because it’s easier to see the improvements on those areas. Here are top five tricks that will get you broader, muscular and powerful shoulders.

1. Vary your repetitions:  The deltoids are a smaller muscle group meaning they take less time to recover. Hence if you vary your repetitions then you are likely to get better results. Vary the reps based on your weights, For higher weights try doing 5×5 or 4×8 and for lower weights try 12 x3. Do remember to do a higher weight set at the end of your workout.

2. Build a bigger chest and back: This might sound weird but the key to making broad shoulders is working on your chest and back. Our back muscles pull our shoulders back so if they are underdeveloped and our chests are overdeveloped then we will end up looking hunched. The key is to focus on all grips. Having closer grips work the muscles closer to the spine. Wide grips build the part of the lat that meets the posterior deltoids.

3. Build thicker and fuller traps: For those of you who don’t know, traps are the muscles connecting the neck with the top of the shoulders. It is vital to have fuller traps to compliment the deltoids. To get such traps it is recommended to try inclined shrugs, the snatch; which is a lift that builds traps.

4. Working out twice a week: Working on the shoulders more than once a week will give you better results. If your workout is split based on body parts try to add shoulders routine to a different part. That is to say try doing shoulders on your chest day. A small set will suffice. This way your muscles are constantly being worked and the results will come faster.

5. Shoulder Variation: There are three different exercises which solely work on your shoulders. These include the lumberjack press, military press and the three way laterals. The lumberjack press is similar to carrying a log. You are basically lifting over-head weights to work on your shoulders. The military press is quite common among the body builders. This will build your front deltoids. You can add weights as you progress or if you want to challenge yourself.

The three way laterals are the perfect exercise to work different areas of your deltoids. The three exercises include the front raise, lateral raise and the bent over raise. Try using light weights for these with high repetitions. Your deltoids will be hit from different angles and you will end up with nice shoulders.

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