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5 Gadgets That Will Keep Fat Away From Your Waistline

We have all been there. Dragging your lazy butt to the gym, sweating it out for a few days and then never seeing the inside of a gym again. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. And one thing that can help you make the transition from career couch-potato to the envy of your buddies is technology. The biggest advantage of living in the 21st century, apart from viral cat videos, are gadgets that we can integrate into our daily activities, and that includes workouts. So, here are 5 gadgets that will make your workouts just a tad more enjoyable:

1. BOSE SIE2 SPORT EARPHONES: From personal experience, I can tell you, that it is damn near impossible to keep your earbuds in your ear during the course of an intense workout session. But fret not those who treasure their workout music, the Bose Sie2 earbuds are specifically designed keeping your workouts in mind. It even comes with a nifty armband to ensure your iPod isn’t juggling around in your pocket.

2. NIKE+ FUELBAND: The toughest thing about an excruciating workout, is waking up aching all over the next day. What makes it all worth it though, is reaching the workout goals you have set for yourself. But this wristband like device records everything from how many calories you burnt to the number of steps you took while jogging. It calculates the effort you put in during your last workout; which you can then share your milestones with your friends if you feel like bragging. All this and more makes Nike+ Fuelband the perfect companion during your outings at the gym.

3. POLAR FT4 HEART RATE MONITOR: While one is encouraged to push themselves to the limit at the gym, putting too much pressure on the heart is never a good idea. With this watch however, you can monitor your heart rate at all times and will even be warned if it is too high. This lightweight, easy to setup heart rate monitor is a must have for those with rigorous exercise regimens.

4. GYMPACT APP: While technically not a gadget, this smartphone app has the ability to motivate you to hit the gym like no other. The app lets you make pacts with others, allowing them to make money every time you skip the gym and vice versa. Although, you may have accepted your gym membership money to have gone down the drain, I doubt you are willing to help make others make money off of your laziness. Of course, the amount on offer is up to you but you will be at the gym more than ever before.

5. VITAMIX 5200 STANDARD BLENDER: As anyone who has tried their hand at bodybuilding will tell you, working out is only half the battle. You need to eat right and that means lots of proteins. This blender comes equipped with a motor so powerful, you can make protein shakes out of any ingredients you fancy.

It is hard to replace your laid back habits with those that for a while will make you very sore. Therefore, every little bit helps. And, I assure you: technology helps quite a lot.

thumbnail credit: goodnightgadgets.com