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7 Ways to Stick to your Routine

It can sometimes be frustrating booking and paying for gym memberships and having plenty of good intentions to finally hit the gym hard and finally put your fitness master plan into gear only to find a month later that it has hardly taken off. Where did it go wrong you wonder? Or maybe you haven’t realised you are way behind schedule.

There is always something going wrong. Gym closures, too many group classes in the way, etc. If any of this sounds familiar then, brace yourself for the truth, you are making excuses. You are finding to too easy to not knuckle down and give gym time your best efforts.

It’s easily done and you’re not alone because here are the best ways to fix these problems:

1. Find a good reason to train. This may sound like a no-brainer but it is incredibly easy to forget why you are trying to improve your fitness. As soon as this happens, any old excuse can get in the way of hitting the gym. You need to refocus and get back on it. Concentrate on the day you signed up for gym membership. What were your personal goals? What do you want to achieve? 

2. Make your mission newsworthy. If you start posting your new fitness program all over social media, people will follow your progress. Buddies will want to see improved results and the fun you are having. Quitting is then eliminated and you will keep at it so as not to let anyone down. There’s now no turning back!

3. You may pick up a gym buddy through your network. Going to the gym with someone you know is a great way to train. Spur each other on or just make that extra effort to pick each other up in the car and get going. Even if it’s not your best workout at least someone is there to share the grind and sweat.

4. Set yourself realistic goals and milestones. It is better to smash easy targets and never go back than to keep failing something too hard. Why have that on your shoulders.

5. Share gym time with your spouse. Statistics have proven a willing spouse is by far the best gym buddy to have. You know when to push each other and talk training tips and techniques problems when at home. Suddenly, the gym is a big part of your lives and not just something to leave at the front door like it’s a secret.

6. Build up momentum. It is easier to keep being on a roll and keeping it going gradually upwards than to stop start all the time.

7. Rest and recover don’t forget. This is important. If you are inexperienced in fitness training, it is easy to overdo it and pick up injuries or fall into that stop start pattern.   Rest and sleep is where your body truly makes use of a fitter body as it repairs you overnight. Feeling better in the mornings shows the gym is working for you.

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