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9 Latest Groovy Gadgets

There is no ideal time to get fit; it’s a question of just getting on with it. Sometimes it’s okay to want a little bit of motivation, so here are a few of the latest offerings form the fitness suppliers to get us in the mood to get up and get on with it.

From supplements to subtle gadgets and gismos kept on our person when out running, you can be sure the best new products have been designed and tested by fellow fitness fans and have already had plenty of testing  in their design.

This is a varied collection of some of the best new products hitting the shelves and a quick reminder of what they are good for.

1. Kamagon Ball.

Hats off to new medicine. The medicine ball concept has been around for years…so well due for an upgrade you may think. Well, upgraded it has been! And not just a fancy new coat but the clever boffins at Kamagon have introduced a medicine ball with a twist. It is partially full of water which means it is a lot harder to control and needs more strength as it likes to splosh about a lot. If you’ve never lumped full buckets of water around then you’ve got a nice surprise when you move it around your head and feel your muscles work that much harder.


2. Rumbleroller Beastie

Rumbleroller Beastie will massage all those difficult nooks and crannies. It is a versatile calf and back roller that will get all your knots out. Rub your shoulders against the wall or simply rub it up and down your calves for a complete DIY massage therapy.



3. The Helix Lateral Trainer

The Helix Lateral Trainer is a treadmill like no other. This is an elliptical machine that doesn’t just go back and forth but also in circles and side to side. This means your quads are working sideways putting a whole new spin on your lower back, legs, and joints. Your thighs will get a burn like they have never had before and your legs will become super toned in no time.



4. The Flipbelt

The Flipbelt is a very convenient stretchy belt for your phone and keys. Made with the latest stretchy lightweight material it is sturdy enough for the job. No more bouncing and sagging and weighing you down. Just pop your valuables in the sleek opening and let the firm but stretchy band do all the holding. Simple.




5. Define Bottle Sport

This is a new sports drink system that will hold your fruit water in an attractive bottle, ready to drink whenever you need. It keeps all the fruit lumps filtered from the delicious fruit induced water meaning you get the goodness without the mess.




6. W8FIT

These are the most stylish wrist weights ever worn. The weights have a bit of a stretch ability so it won’t cut into your skin. Ankle weight bands to follow of course.





7. SKLZ Accuroller

This is a super cool do-it-all stretchy massage band. Complete with different sized massage balls you can use this nifty gadget to massage or stretch out your limbs as you flex your muscles. Pull it tight and run it up your back for a massage and workout at the same time. This product is all about versatility and flexibility.




8. Sugar free Vega Sport Energizer

Vega Sport has developed the latest nutritional must have for your next workout. With no sugar, a measly five calories gives you a goodness-packed supplement crammed full of ginseng, green tea extract, coconut seed oil, and ginger to get you revving on all cylinders.




9. TheraBand Foam Roller Wraps

These simple and sleek sleeves will transform your rollers into a super hard or soft roller stretch workout. Without the need for any more rollers these come in different densities for your needs. You save on buying new rollers and just use these cool wraps. Genius.