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5 Android Apps for Gym Laps

Let’s face it we all love shiny new apps on our phones and tablets and most of us like hitting the gym so what better way to plan your workout then using the latest fitness trending apps. These are tailor made to help keep track of all your achievements and keep you on the road to improvement no matter how mundane your gym workout sometimes seems.

Having that attainable goal and constant pressure of forcing a new month PB is always going to improve performance and squeeze out that little bit of extra performance. And it isn’t just having a glorified stopwatch ticking on your hip as many software designs now contain real data regarding most aspects of your physical exertions and they can be quite sophisticated when you get home and analyse the results.

Here are some of the new releases that are making big enough waves on their entry into the market.

1. Virtuagym Fitness
This brand new app typifies the latest in all-around gym assistance to get you motivated and kept on track of all the different exercise routines you want to do. It is fully integrated to any daily routine or requirements you need to schedule. Think of it as your gym PA. You can easily set morning workouts to get your heart pumping and kick started for a busy day or set up complicated weighs programs that will monitor all your strength and conditioning data. By the way, it’s free!

2. Endomondo
Endomondo is more of an endurance training partner. It will get all your pace setting and km burning requirements up to date. Perfect for treadmill running and spinning or biking, this can also be used to handle more complicated regimen for elliptical and cross training. It comes with upgradable add-ons ready and waiting.

3. Workout Trainer
This app from Skimble is your very own personal assistant. This is a great entry level app for newbies also but can be as sophisticated as you want. You can plan your workouts the day before and it will keep reminders running to kick in with your music choice. It will stay in step with you all the way and provide the night time advice when you analyse your results. It has small fees upgrades available.

4. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer
This app is basically a whole range of apps because you can use it for serious gym routines or just track your warm down walks in the park. It will monitor everything for you so you can analyse your physical activity across the board from Monday morning till Sunday evening. It even has some assistance for diet planning so there’s no reason to skip any sort of training with this handy gizmo.

5. Gym Workout Log from Gym Frame

As the name would suggest this app is aimed at gym users that want to get more out of their sessions and use the app as a form and technique assistant more than just a ticking motivator. It’s a bit less hands-on leaving you free to try out unfamiliar lifts that it can walk you through but it has the feel of leaving you in the driving seat when lifting and it will patiently keep up with your achievements. Also its free version is currently ad free.

As long as you have your phone out of harm’s way of the free weights then let these great new apps will support and entertain you as you push yourself to your weekly limits.

thumbnail image credit: nexercise.com