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4 Ways Technology Promotes Fitness

Here are a few of the latest gadgets that will help boost your work rate and look cool at the same time. Now that’s got to be the best choice of all.

1. Pedometers

Pedometers are making a comeback. Once the niftiest gadgets for nerdy fun runners they soon became obsolete but are with us in all new upgraded glory. It has never been easier to get a daily amount of steps taken and once you’re got that to think of the psychology kicks in and starts you walking just about everywhere. Reliable studies have show an increase of over 25% in activity by users trialing new pedometers that discreetly slips into the smallest of pockets.

The technology when analyzing the results is the fun part and where new fans will want to be monitoring all their fitness workouts. It is not unusual to clock 9000 steps per day at 100 steps by minute. It is good for weight loss when reaching anywhere near 12000 so the benefits are instantly recognizable.

There are studies underway to use pedometer readings to ascertain youth-specific good health. These will form the foundation of the effects of decent walking efforts and how it can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

2. Accelerometers

These trendy little gadgets are taking things one step further and include important statistics regarding frequency, intensity and duration of movements patterns for fitness. This can include all activities not just step counting so the software and hardware need to come down in price before being a staple piece of daily equipment but it is starting to happen.

Recently, a nationwide study included accelerometers as a specific trial of objective measurement to gauge compliance and make recommendations for the general public. It is evident that all this is leading to a new era in personal technology being at the forefront of most physical fitness programs the world over.

3. Global Positioning Systems

This is likely to take off in a big way as the gadgets become cheaper and more accessible. For hikers and  country runners the GPS locator can be used in conjunction with Geographic Information Systems to give a 3D rendition of the route taken, including weather and wind, to ascertain work load done and energy required to complete the route.

The fun of looking up your run or hike in the evening to see where you found the going tough or easy is going to be fun for fans as the green maps with elevation lines are bound to be popular for challenging route planning. This is likely to be a very popular gadget as the outdoor-loving scenario is brought home and relived after a warming bath and rest. The GIS element is already providing interest when used with data provided by environmental departments that have a vested interest in protecting and learning from routes taken by runners using particular nature trails and parks.

4. Interactive Video Games

The more inclined indoor-lovers interactive video games have already taken off as fun activities but increasingly people are open to the idea of playing physical sports in your own home. With fun a key element the games are becoming more sophisticated to take tennis playing etc to a more serious level. A decent workout is now possible through following everything on your flat screen as long as you have enough space for leaping about. Just as the video workouts were popular years ago the convenience of keeping track of all your activities on your PC is winning over a whole new generation of keep fit at home fans.

thumbnail image credit: sheknows.com