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Physical Activity in a Modern World

Sure, we wanna be fit. We want to be lighter, healthier and more active, but our computers are partly to blame for the problem. We can’t live without them. We need one at work, one at home, and one to relax with. We even need one to navigate between our cherished spaces.

So how can we break away and get back to a physical life before it’s too late?

First of all we need to stop thinking technology is making us more sedentary. It doesn’t have to. It can be used to do just the opposite.

1. Information Support

We use the Internet to research anything and everything so why not look up all things physical activity. Build your database around local points of fitness opportunities.

Hook up with fitness groups and where to meet.

Plot the most beneficial jogging routes based on time available. Record the route planner and podcast it onto your music device.

In the gym use your device to pump up your music harder and faster.

2. Buddy support

It’s always good to get advice when setting out on a fitness program so hook up with an online trainer. They will review your activity reports and suggest the path of progress for you. Check out virtual personal trainers.

Post all your achievements on social media and get a wealth of local information from your very own network and hopefully messages of encouragement, delivered brutally no doubt! You’ll soon be jogging for two. Expand your connections to focused fitness groups and get more expert advice and fitness tips.

There is no excuse for not eating more healthily so your pc downtime can now be turned to meal planners and fruit and veggie smoothie recipes. If you can, homemade food is always more nutritional so at the weekends make your own pasta and pizzas and cram them full of fresh veggies. Just prop your tablet on the kitchen work bench and follow the vids.

Cut out all processed foods and surf for health stores stocking organic basics. Bake your own gluten free bread for instance. Download free audio books on sugar detox diets and begin the fight from within. You’ll be amazed out how much sugar overload seems unavoidable until you do-it-yourself diet plan.

3. Practical Support

Now crank that PC up a notch and get it working for you. Dial up to free Zumba and fitness classes live online. Some sites have 24 hr. activities or just store your favourite workout videos. Once you’ve learned the steps flick the screen back to that article you must read and have your workout music on and stretch and twist in front of your monitor. Don’t forget to switch off your webcam in case you end up viral! Incidentally, post you progress pics and let your friends see how well you are doing.

So don’t waste any more time worrying about how you can get away from technology to spend more time being physical. Start wondering how much more physical activity will be supported by the technology you already have!


thumbnail photo credit: hellawella.com