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6 Ways To Increase Your Body’s Testosterone, Naturally

Testosterone – the epitome of manhood.

Although women produce testosterone as well, it is mostly associated with men. How often have we heard the expression ‘too much testosterone.’

And why not? Testosterone plays a huge role in male sexuality and his reproductive abilities. Anything impacting a male’s testosterone production would also affect other bodily function such as muscle mass, hair growth, red blood cell levels, bone density, low sex drive and overall sense of well-being.

But as evolution would have it, a man’s testosterone levels starts declining when he reaches his 30s and goes on a downhill spiral as he progresses with age.

Exposure to chemicals and unhealthy lifestyle choices and even prescribed medication that include statins as its ingredient can also be harmful to testosterone production. Environmental factors like pollution in water, air and those that make their way to consumed food can also have an adverse effect as well.

Counting Your T’s

If you think you are showing the following:

–   Low libido

–   Difficulty achieving erection

–   Low sperm volume

–   Increased fat distribution

–   Hair loss

–   Loss of muscle mass

–   Lethargy

–   Mood swings

…then it would probably be best to have your testosterone levels tested. You have to take note that testosterone levels vary throughout the day so you may need more than just a single blood test to get an accurate reading of your levels.

Although there are synthetic and bio-identical therapies available in the market to address the need to supplement testosterone levels, many are becoming more conscious of increasing their testosterone levels in natural ways.

Restocking Your Testosterone

If you have established that your levels of testosterone need restocking, and you want to augment these through natural methods, here’s what you can do:

  1. Shed the excess weight. This is a neat trick. Getting rid of the unwanted pounds can increase your testosterone levels. Do you know that fats inhibit the production of testosterone? When you are overweight, you are more likely to produce less of this hormone.
  2. Strictly limit processed sugar in your diet. So say goodbye to soda, processed fruit juices and fruits that have high sugar load (think: apples, bananas, pears, pomegranates, blueberries) as well as supposed “natural” sweeteners such as agave, raw organic cane sugar and yes, even honey (in large quantities).
  3. Refined carbohydrates would need to go too. Your favorite bagel shop should see less of your patronage. Same thing as with pretzels, cereals and waffles. Refined carbohydrates can quickly convert to sugar which plays havoc to your insulin levels causing insulin resistance. And just to emphasize, insulin resistance is the culprit to almost every chronic disorder known to man.
  4. Engage in a high intensity exercise. Couple this with intermittent fasting while you’re at it because the combination of these two has been known to increase testosterone. Prolonged moderate exercise routines have little to zero effect on increasing testosterone levels. Intermittent fasting activates hormones like insulin, adiponectin, leptin, colycystokinin and melanocortins – all promoting the body’s testosterone production and preventing its decline.
  5. Strength training. On top of a high intensity work out, strength training is also known to pump up testosterone levels. This means increasing the weight but lowering the number of reps. Focus on exercises that would maximize a large number of muscles.
  6. Optimize Zinc in your diet. A supplement of zinc in your diet for six weeks can result in a significantly increase in testosterone levels. Restricting zinc diet in the body results markedly reduces testosterone levels. Go ahead, stock on raw cheese, beans and yogurt.

thumbnail photo credit: muscleforlife.com