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4 Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For Sex

It doesn’t matter if your name is Arnold and you pump iron daily or a dumbbell dummie learning about reps for the first time, anybody can improve their sex performance by getting fit. Think about it, that’s why the sexiest people are called the fit ones, it all makes sense. So let’s look at the evidence proving better exercise makes better sex.

  • Firstly the technical aspects of getting more out of sex being physically fit is that a fit person has much better muscle tone. Improved muscle tone will increase the sexual gratification as orgasms depend on multiple activities through the various muscle groups linked to sexual operations.
  • When considering more mature men in general, physical fitness can greatly enhance and prolong sexual prowess and reproductive physical attributes. This can sometimes be crucial for maximum sexual function.
  • Physically fit men, therefore significantly benefit in the bedroom department as physical powers promote a strong and healthy libido as a stable testosterone is naturally maintained, which is often in decline in middle-aged men.

Alternatively, sexual performance can often be a mental thing. Rather than just being based on a strong physical appearance sex is naturally enough fulfilled by emotional human experiences.

  • The power of the mind will be empowered when the body is looking healthy and good. Self-esteem can go into over drive which in itself sends the adrenaline racing.
  • Looking fit and strong is deeply felt by our psyche that it makes us more attractive.

This is a strong and clear relationship between a good level of physical fitness and increased sexual performance but it is not just being fit itself. A well thought out productive fitness regimen can’t be effective just on its own because the reciprocal benefits work well in symbiosis.

  • The better diet, cleaner living and increased sleeping skills all work together as one mutually sustaining better-life cycle. Drinking and definitely smoking should be avoided. Sleep well.
  • The rewards can drive each other such is the indirect gain of choosing the path of increased fitness.
  • Your sex life is just as important part of life as these others so why not set this as one of your improvement goals.

Exercise Increases Blood Flow

This is a major benefit booster.

  • The more blood flowing means the more, energy, oxygen and strength is working.
  • There is all the nutritional and medical benefits of the blood’s jobs list.
  • Arteries’ health is greatly improved and this means reproductive parts also.
  • Exercise increases the flexibility of arteries and for men this means better erections and increased stamina.
  • Ladies experience double vaginal blood flow for sex after workouts.

It Boosts Testosterone Levels

  • Lacking testosterone actually increases body weight.
  • Pumping iron means pumping up the testosterone levels.
  • Increased waste line means low testosterone.
  • Sex drive and libido go up significantly.
  • Muscle burns calories and keeps fat accumulation at bay, meaning weight loss.

Fitness Gets You in a Sexy Mood

No doubt about it, feeling fit means feeling like having more sex, which improves fitness, a double whammy.

  • Women rely on emotional feelings for sex and minds can wander but good fitness levels exacerbate the physical and enhance sexual sensations. This aids concentration.
  • For men, fitness improves sexual performance which improves ego.
  • The back muscles, when improved, can give more drive and ‘push’ for longer.
  • Ejaculations are also stronger when the reproductive parts are given more fitness to work with.

Feeling Fit Makes You Feel Hot

Feeling hot and sexy that is. Here are more advantages to feeling sexy:

  • Confidence is greatly increased which can have a knock-on effect with your life.
  • Feeling the sexy look will make you feel like you want more sex. The desirability factor will make you want to maintain this scenario.
  • Confidence with appearance will increase confidence in performance.


thumbnail photo credit: topnews.ae