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Ways That Music Can Affect Your Muscle Building

It is now official.

Listening to upbeat fast music while working out will give you a harder and better workout. This means more pain though as the music does not act as a pain killer, just an effort enhancer.  A recent trial has shown that there is a correlation between what we have on our earphones and the effort we then relay into our workout.

The studies have shown that strenuous exercise regimes when combined with properly co-ordinated rest periods in between have as much beneficial physical results than simply training longer for endurance type gains.

The tests are ongoing and part of a recent effort to properly associate the power of music over the human mind and how this can be directly linked to mind over matter relationship.

Muscle Music

The scientists have felt that previous studies conducted many years ago have been left to sit in ambiguity due to the social misconceptions of the time not quite recognizing how personal music can be important to the individual.

Tests on the very same subject were few and far between due to the universal medical opinion that music would be irrelevant during such studies because the ‘noise’ of heavy breathing and physical exertion would block out any therapeutic effect.

The results were gathered in the trial using volunteers to cycle on an exercise bike as hard as possible for thirty seconds while listening to their preferred music choice. The researches compiled playlists of the favorite workout music for each of the trialists. They were given five minutes to recover by whichever means they wanted and then put back on board.

The subjects when then put through identical trials but without their music, and the result was a clear downturn in physical effort and energy output. The results were analyzed to show the clear effects of having the music we like, to make us push ourselves in a physical and exhaustive capacity.

The idea is that listening to fast and strong beat music can make us go harder so allowing for short breaks in between has no detrimental effect on the overall fitness boost.

So before you plug your ears with your favorite playlist, here are some things you might be interested to know:

  • The mood and tempo of the music seems to have a direct influence on how hard we hit it. We will go harder and stronger just because a drum machine is telling us to. Music affects certain structures in the brain which influences attention, visual perception as well as muscle control and coordination. To sum it up, short periods of high-intensity music can produce quicker reaction, thus making you feel that burn necessary when moving big weight.
  • As soon as the tempo was slowed down during this trial, it had an immediate impact on work output and calories burned. The ambient flows of prevalent music if all other distractions are blocked out.
  • There is a definite notion that favorable music, when provided even under relatively extreme duress, can offer relief to negate a reasonable amount of pain and physical discomfort.
  • Having those earphones is a good excuse to avoid gym conversations that prevent you from focusing on your weights.

Although there is no conclusive proof why music can affect us in this way the studies clearly shown that the sheer presence of music we like to be listening to, can add a significant boost to our overall immediate well-being.

So choose your auditory poison. The quicker, more intense type of tempo may prompt those muscles to go with the beat which can equate to more pounds being lifted per workout session.


thumbnail photo credit: peerfit.com