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5 Ways To Gain Muscles The Natural Way


1. Keep your training under 1 hour

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, it is not advisable to train for more than an hour. This is applicable to all types of training. According to various studies, it is better to train harder than longer. When you are regularly training for more than an hour at a time, processes of the body in the hormonal level may be affected. As a result, it will be harder for you to gain the muscles that you want.

2. Do not underestimate the importance of resting in between your workouts

We know that you are very eager to achieve a better body right away, but as mentioned earlier, it will not help if you will push your body to the limit by training long hours. Your body needs rest in between your workouts. This is especially important for people with fast metabolism. Your body uses the rest period to build your muscles.

3. Make sure that you are following the right diet

It is important to increase your protein intake if you want to gain muscles. Some of the foods that are rich in protein include fishes like salmon and tuna, beef, pork, eggs (especially the egg whites), chicken, turkey and cheese. Aside from protein, it is also vital to include carbohydrates in your diet. Some good sources of carbohydrates are sweet potato, bread and oats.

4. Eat at least 5 times a day

Eating at least 5 times a day will help your body during the muscle-building phase. It is a good way to refuel the body to especially if you do high-intensity training. It is best not to wait for the time that you are hungry again. It is also not advisable to skip meals.

5. Build a mind-muscle connection

According to some studies, visualizing the muscle gain that you want can actually help if you want to increase your muscle mass. Aside from the positive effects that it can bring your body, it is also a good way to improve your focus on what you need to do. Cliché as it may sound, it is true that what the mind can conceive, you can achieve. This is the same when it comes to muscle building.

These are just some of the ways to gain muscles the natural way. Always remember that you can achieve the body that you want if you have enough determination and perseverance. If needed, you can ask an expert for professional advice on how you should go about your training.


photo thumbnail credit: faktbodybuilding.blogspot.com