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Dumbbell Exercise Tips

This is not intended to be a fool proof how to get killer-biceps guide in the gym but quite the opposite to what is normally done. Little do people know but there are some highly popular week in week out exercises done in the gym that are of little or no consequence compared to other exercises.

This may have the purists out there complaining but the fact is, singular exercises such as dumbbell curls are totally overrated when done as a stand-alone isolated exercise.

Dumbbell curls

  • When isolating one muscle area only such as the bicep curl the rest of the body is put under little duress.
  • It is this lack of resistance that allows the body to be lazier and the bicep is only going to bulk up but not strengthen up significantly.
  • If the bicep curls were done in a combination with another movement putting other major muscle groups under pressure then this would be a different story.
  • The body will react to resistance based exercises much more aggressively if it is under severe physical pressure.
  • For instance, the dumbbell curl when incorporated into a squat will work better all round.
  • The bicep is still transferring the resistance throughout is natural path of the curl but combining this exercise with a full thigh squat will up the level of bodily exertion and the consequent resistance a whole level higher.

Speaking of leg squats

  • The quads will appreciate the extra dumbbell weight now being incorporated into the squat and therefore claim the extra energy needed to make the nice smooth squat back up to a balanced upright position.
  • The bicep however, is going to notice that things have changed and some of the blood cells, it was relying on before, have now been sent southwards.
  • This in turn brings the bicep much quicker out of its comfort zone and into a less oxygen rich environment.
  • The weight will take on a new meaning without the comfort of a protected dumbbell curl when just sat on a bench.
  • The whole body will be taut from the twin pressures of significant weight resistance coming from two areas and therefore go into its own full body stress management reaction.
  • This will allocate where the muscle groups are under duress the most and redistribute power and latent energy accordingly.
  • From this knock on affect each muscle group is forced to react in its own sweet way which will undoubtedly add to pinpointed physical exertion and a natural muscle building resistance reaction will get underway.
  • All this happens without you knowing exactly what is happening but your body will tell you it is now working much harder than before.
  • The discomfort level will rise but psychologically that is what you are there for.

If you look at the physiques of gymnasts or even the amateur rope exercise enthusiasts of old, you will notice a high degree of cut and muscle development without the bulky appearance of unnatural bicep and muscle growth. This is because their sport and training regimen puts their bodies under increased exertion because their exercises include full body weight propulsion.

When you consider the extra implications of lifting your own body weight before movement and completion of an exercise it is easier to see the total body stress from dealing with such a weight strain. Now consider this scenario of a gymnast extending his biceps on a pommel horse whilst holding his full body weight ten centimetres above the bench you can clearly see the tremendous difference compared to guys that may only be content with sitting on a bench when doing bicep curls.


thumbnail photo credit: dumbbellsetreviews.com