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5 Superfoods That Can Help You Build Muscle

When it comes to building muscles and losing unwanted fat, it is not all about your exercise regimen. One big factor that you also need to consider is your diet. A protein-rich diet complete with all the essential vitamins and minerals is crucial not only in muscle building, but also for your over-all general health.

1.  Eggs

You might have heard by now how great an egg is as a great source of protein. One important thing to know is that proteins are made up of amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of muscles. This is the very reason why eggs are essential if you are in the process of building your muscles. Aside from this, eggs are also rich in Vitamins A, D and E.

2.  Fish

Another good source of protein is the fish. According to experts, bodybuilders should always include various fishes on their diet. Aside from being rich in protein, they are also loaded with healthy fats. Some great fishes are salmon, sardines and tuna.

3. Berries

Berries are known to be packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are important in fighting free radicals that slow down cell regeneration. Moreover, they are also rich in vitamins and minerals to decrease your risk of developing heart and eye problems. You can consume any such as strawberry, raspberry, or cranberry. If you are not fond of eating them as snack, you can just include them in your oats or cereals for your breakfast.

4. Different Vegetables

When you are building your muscles and getting rid of excess fat, you should also include a lot of vegetables in your diet. According to studies, bodybuilders should actually consume 5 to 6 servings of vegetables each day. This is important so that the body will be able to process your diet using the fiber found in the vegetables that you consume.

5. Red Meat

Another great source of protein is red meat. Aside from protein, this type of meat is also packed with iron, zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids that are usually found in fishes. Iron, is important because it is a vital component in oxygen delivery in the body. Moreover, red meat can also increase your good cholesterol.

These are the top 5 amazing superfoods that will help you build muscles. If you want to know more about the portions that you need to consume, you may ask your trainer or doctor. Proper portioning is important since each one of use has different needs. What is recommended for another person may not be applicable to you. Therefore, to be sure, do your research first or ask the opinion of professionals.

Always remember that with dedication, persistence, proper diet and exercise regimen, you can achieve the body that you want no matter how impossible it may seem to be.


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