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Top 4 Transformation Tips

So you’ve made the decision to focus on losing weight and becoming fit and healthy. Great! That’s the hard part over. Everything you do now is a positive, even when you feel like you have made a mistake…think of it as a learning experience. After tipping the scales at over 115kgs, to now being a fit and active personal trainer and gym owner, believe me I know there are plenty of speed bumps along the way! I Here are my top tips that helped me on my transformation journey.

1. Small Changes
Setting out on a body transformation journey can easily leave you feeling quite overwhelmed. So many changes and so many choices to make! It all adds up to too much noise!! An easy way to handle this is to simply incorporate a few small habit changes at a time. Write down a list of things you want to change, maybe start with five. It can be anything, such as drinking more water, cutting out soft drink, going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, running further. Whatever you like. Choose your biggest ‘small’ change and make a pact to change it. Right now. Add another in a few days and so on. You will see a difference.

2. Eat Mindfully
Eat for the love of food, cooking, flavour, colour, and taste. Coming from someone who had always struggled with the term “emotional eater”, as I regarded it to be a negative. Now, my opinion is that you can be emotional about food. You can love to eat. You can be adventurous. You can plan and prepare. You can enjoy how it fuels you. But, you need to make smart, balanced choices across all food groups (carbohydrates, proteins and fats). Choose to eat real food, not food-like products. A balanced approach to food can and will feed your soul, fuel your body and never leave you feeling deprived. This process is further simplified if you don’t use food as a reward or sneak food. If you find this is something you do, then perhaps it needs go on your small changes list.

3. Plan, plan and plan again
You know the saying “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Well, that’s your new motto. Plan your week in advance. Know when you’re exercising. Know what you’re eating. Don’t allow fast food joints or savvy placed advertising make you feel like you don’t have the time or intelligence to feed yourself or your family. Have a back up plan for when you’re too tired to cook or if you’re out. Take control and relish in the power. I like to set aside 20 minutes on a Sunday to write down the meal plan for the week, for the whole family! Remember to keep it simple at first, you’re not Jamie Oliver, so nobody is expecting a three course gourmet extravaganza. Jot down the meals, plan for dinner leftovers to become next day lunches, work in late night contingency plans and then figure out what needs to be purchased. Meal prep is a great Sunday tradition at our house, make it part of your routine and you will see changes.

4. Girls just wanna have fun
At my gym, Pretty Fit, we train women exclusively. My girls know I make the work hard but the golden rule is that that it also has to be fun! Having a good time is paramount to you sticking with this whole exercise thing. Of course we all know the benefits of working out, but really if you were miserable why on earth would you come back for more? Make sure “fun exercise” is on your list. Take a dance class, train at a gym with an exciting and motivating trainer, climb up a hill to see an awesome view, run while the kids ride their bikes. You can also make your exercise journey fun by working out with a bud, buying new workout gear or making a cool playlist of motivating music.