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What’s Stopping You?

Just Get Up and Go

You know you need to do something about getting fitter.  You have that very important event where you want to look your best and of course, fitting into that gorgeous outfit you have been eyeing at your favorite dress shop. You are willing yourself to get up and start flexing those muscles but you feel like your get up and go has got up and gone already.

But what if it’s not just your ability to get up and go that is the problem? What if there are some little details that you are not aware of that is making your body difficult to leave the comforts of your bed? The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Did you know it is not always just lack of will power? Here are a few of the things we do almost subconsciously but don’t realize they make us leaden in the mornings.

No midnight munchies. Eating heavy meals late at night will zap your morning energy almost there and then. Your body will still be dealing with carbs, calories and salt like a food hangover, so if you must snack late, stick to fruit or healthy stuff washed down with juice.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Considering you have managed the first recommendation, you should be ready not to scrimp on a healthy breakfast. Fruits and cereals are fine, but just make sure that you intake protein and avoid heavy carbs like doughnuts. Protein will get to work with your other systems and help keep you alert in the morning. Natural yoghurts, cottage cheese and turkey bacon are all recommended.

Reprogram your Java. They don’t call them coffee mornings and afternoon teas for nothing. Caffeine boosting fresh coffees is okay in moderation with your body type, but reduce your intake by the afternoon. Tea carries less than half the caffeine and you will want to be caffeine free by the evening to make sure you have enough quality sleep time.

Don’t be so dry. Our bodies are mostly water so any less than having enough will zap your energy for sure. Difficulty in getting up in the mornings will certainly have a degree of dehydration involved, so get well and truly saturated during the day. This gives you a chance to stay restroom free all night by not leaving big glasses of water till nighttime. And you can never drink too much as excess will give you an overnight detox.

Become less refined. Avoid refined sugars and starchy carbs as they add fat and play havoc with your blood sugar levels during the day. Soda and sweetened drinks will create radical energy spikes and white bread, bagels and crackers metabolize into sugar very quickly. Stick to high quality natural carbs found in beans, peas, whole grains and fruit and veg.

Incorporate solutions. Soluble fiber and protein is highly recommended for a more energetic diet. Foods rich in soluble fibers can slow down your blood’s absorption of sugar which should straighten out the daily blood sugar energy rollercoaster. Luckily there are many high quality carbohydrates that are full of soluble fiber. Your diet should contain plenty of these; barley, oats, apples, brown rice, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, beans, pears, oranges and strawberries are all ideal.

Pros without the cons. Proteins such as turkey, lean chicken, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy, beans, nuts and whole soy are great for snacking. These all act to slow down a blood sugar rise from carbohydrates meaning you will feel more energized and productive for up to five hours after snacking. Eating a light snack every five hours, or less if you have blood sugar issues, is much better for your overall system than large heavy meals two or three times a day.


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