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3 Must Do’s For Fitness Newbies

Some people might say that training six days a week is the ultimate way to the best ever sculpted body of the century. Some people might disagree and some people don’t even know what they need to do to care much about it. Some others would say that 3-day splits are the supreme workout regimen. Yet, most of them aren’t that big at all to boast results, in case they are big, kindly ask them how many years have they spent working out to achieve their physique (if they are not on drugs)?

Next thing you know, as a newbie, you find yourself extremely confused on what to do and you start pumping iron and doing what everyone else at the gym is doing. My friend, please take a while and visit a library to study or to be more realistic, browse the internet?

1. Educate Yourself

Scholars have gained their scholarly achievements through challenging and prestigious scholastic efforts. Our brain is an amazing machine for critical thinking and a huge reservoir of everything it can perceive. Try searching for the fundamental things a beginner should do in weight training. The best programs for beginners include a couple of compound exercises coupled with adequate rest. There is a reason why it is called a beginner’s program and its particular goal is to get you ready for more complex intermediate level. Be patient and you will get there.

2. Surround Yourself with People who Knows What They are Doing

Probably the first question in your mind after reading the sub-heading is, “how do I know if I am with the right people?” Practically, the computer age had made it possible to verify facts over the internet within just our fingertips. I’m sure your starting to see clearer now. Yeah, you bet! Check out the net for the stuff they are telling you. If you are skeptical about the things people tell you to do, visit Youtube and browse for videos posted and explained by professionals, this way you won’t go wrong.

3. Eat the Elephant Piece by Piece Baby!

Now, before you grab that iron, please, please, please do formulate a realistic progressive program and stick to it. One of the most common mistakes newbies commit is loading too many plates on that barbell. Some unfortunate events even led to tragic debilitating injuries which made them incapable of engaging in strenuous physical activities.

These accidents can be easily avoided by sticking to a progressive program. Start with small weights. If it’s too light, add a little more. When you cannot perform the exercise with proper form, it’s a sign that you have bitten more than you could chew. There is no shame in de-loading weights.

Weight training is fun. Humility is accepting that you must begin at a low level at some point.


thumbnail image credit: if-fit.com