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Six Effective Ways To Address Muscle Soreness After An Intense Workout

We all wish to get lean and to get stronger. One of the worst part of strength training and weight lifting is the muscle soreness that you feel after an intense and grueling workout. For your information, there is no way for you to beating around the bush and hiding from muscle soreness. It is something to be expected when you exercise.

If this is one of the things that you dread about working out, it should not keep you from leading an active lifestyle. This is because there are lots of ways on how you can address muscle soreness.

1.) Use a foam roller

With the use of a foam roller, you can be able to give yourself a massage. This little tool helps in loosening up the connective tissues which run in between the muscles in your body. When these connective tissues is all loosened up, muscle soreness will be reduced.

2.) Increase your protein intake

Regardless if you are just trying out a new workout plan or you are just getting started on working out, increasing your protein intake can help you manage muscle soreness. We all know that meat is the best source of protein. On the other hand, vegetarians can take advantage of available protein supplements in the market.

3.) Enjoy an ice bath

Many athletes and runners can attest to the fact that a cool temperature has the ability to reduce muscles and joint swelling. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get rid of sore muscles. After just 12-15 minutes of ice bath, you can already be able to feel relief.

4.) Take advantage of the heat

After an ice bath/treatment, applying heat to the problem area can promote blood flow. As a result, the muscles get all loosened up and these can be able to work a lot better and more efficiently. With just a bit of heat, muscle soreness can be easily addressed.

5.)  Have a massage

The best answer to muscle soreness is a massage. Keep in mind that there are actually different types of massages out there. The perfect type for muscle soreness due to workout is the Active release Technique which can help address tight, sore or stiff muscles. Avoid deep tissue massages. Opt for the type of massage that is relaxing and stretching. There is no need for you to hire a professional masseuse for this. Even your partner can give you a relaxing massage!

6.)  Place cherry on top

Many athletes and runners vouch for the effectiveness of incorporating cherry juice into your post workout drink. This is because cherry contains antioxidants called anthocyanin which have anti-inflammatory effect. Having a drink of a cherry juice before or after a workout may reduce pain and inflammation.

With these useful tips, muscle soreness can easily be solved. Now, you can get to enjoy a nice workout without having to worry about sore muscles afterwards.

thumbnail photo credit: quickanddirtytips.com