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Five Things You Do That Cause an Increase in Belly Fat

So you have this amazing midriff top which is so gorgeous that you cannot wait to wear it. However, there is one itsy bitsy problem– you have lots of belly fat!

Belly fat is one of the biggest body figure problems that affect both men and women.  The key to getting rid of belly fat is to determine what those things that you do, which cause it, are. Once you have pinpointed these causes, avoid doing these at all costs; and then work on exercises that can help you get your belly shape back.

Here are some of the habits that you must get rid of if you wish to have a flat tummy:

1.) Eating late at night

Some experts believe that eating past 6pm will lead to more body fats. In some way, this premise has many logical points. Even if the body does burn fat when you sleep, it will not be able to digest food efficiently when you go to bed with a full stomach. If possible, try avoiding heavy meals during night time. In addition to that, try to avoid eating anything 3 hours before your bedtime.

2.) Eating when your emotions are spiking up

A lot of people tend to overeat when they feel sad, upset, or angry. Emotional eating is one of the most common reasons why the tummy gets big and flabby. Overcoming this habit is quite difficult but with awareness and willpower, you can easily overcome this. Be intentional with the things you do and once you have caught yourself doing this, try to muster all your willpower to stop yourself from getting a bite of that delectable chocolate cake.

3.) Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep causes stress hormone levels to spike up; and when we feel stressed, we tend to crave for foods that are rich in sugar. These foods are heaven to our tongue but hell to our tummy. In order to avoid eating these foods, you must prevent yourself from being stressed too much.

4.) Drinking too much carbonated drinks

A lot of people love carbonated drinks. While this is comforting to our emotions, you must keep in mind that this is not good for your body. Why is this so? The high amount of sugar that these sodas have stimulates your body’s food cravings. As a result, you will end up eating more than what your body needs and that excess calories will show on your belly.

5.) Consuming high-sugar, low-fat foods frequently

Lots of people shy away from eating high-fat foods because they think that the excess fats will lead to fat storage in the belly. You must understand the fact that sugary low-fat foods must be avoided too since a lot of manufacturers incorporate high amounts of sugars in manufacturing those type of foods.

If you are serious about losing your belly fats, then you must invest time and effort in getting rid of these habits. No matter how hard you work out, your belly fats will not be shed off if you keep on doing these things. This is why it is recommended that you take time to get rid of these bad habits and try to work on establishing good healthy eating habits and establish an amazing workout routine. Now, that is a fool proof plan to get rid of those belly fats!


thumbnail photo credit: superskinnyme.com