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4 Ways To Psych Yourself Up For Morning Workouts

We all know that anyone would choose those warm and cozy blankets over hitting the treadmill or sweating it out during aerobic classes. But as we all also know, it is through going out of our comfort zones (i.e. that irresistible bed of yours!) that we can be able to achieve that healthy body and fit physique that we all want.

Why Work Out In The Morning?

It is true that we can work out at any time of the day but why do we have to torture ourselves by waking up early in the morning just to sweat it all out? Well, according to studies, early morning is the perfect time for everyone to get moving since working out in the morning helps boost the metabolism, heightens the energy level and pumps up your mood throughout the whole day. With that in mind, you can make the most out of your workout just by waking up earlier!


How To Psyche Yourself Up For Morning Workouts

Even if we already know the benefits of working out early, a lot of us still fail to overcome the allure of staying in bed for a little while longer than necessary. To help you out, here are some of the simplest tips and tricks that you need in order to combat the charm of getting more sleep in the morning:

1.)    Prepare your morning drink.

If your coffee maker machine has a timer, then you are one lucky guy or gal! If you wish to get up early for your work out, it is recommended that you take advantage of this amazing feature of your brewing machine. As we all know, drinking coffee can surely wake you up but according to experts, just the mere scent of a freshly brewed coffee can most certainly get you moving. The key here is to set your coffee machine timer to start brewing some joes before the alarm clock sets of so that you will wake up to an amazing aroma. Now that is one wakeup call you cannot resist! You can prepare your pre-workout and/or protein drinks the night before as well.

2.)    Pack your things the night before.

The key to getting up for a morning workout is to lessen the amount of preparation time. The faster you prepare for workout, the lesser the chances that you will go back to bed or that you will feel lazy to get up. The best way to minimize your preparation time is to prepare everything you need for the workout the night before. Charge your mp3 player (if you prefer using one over a phone), pack your things in your gym bag, and have your sneakers waiting for you in the doorway. For sure, doing this will allow you to speed up your preparation time.

3.)    Get some much needed sleep!

This one is quite a no-brainer. After all, how can you expect yourself to get up in the morning without any problems if you do not have enough hours of sleep the night before? The simplest and easiest way to wake up early in the morning is to sleep early the night before. Determine what time you wish to wake up in the morning then sleep the suggested number of hours (usually 7-8) before that scheduled time.

4.)    Look for a workout partner.

If you know somebody is waiting for you to work out, then you will most probably get up and start getting ready. If you have a workout partner, you will surely feel obligated to get up early in the morning– regardless of what you are feeling. This is why it is highly recommended that you set up a morning workout date with your friend or family members.

With these simple tips and tricks, there is no reason for you not to wake up for your morning workout.


thumbnail photo credit: blog.loseit.com