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Four Tips To Enhance Focus During Exercise

When people are trying to be fit, most fail to include the mind into the whole equation. When you are at the gym, you tend to be sensitive on the things around you– the breathing of the person next to you on the treadmill, the movement of the man lifting weights (wow! Look at those biceps!), the noise, the things people are saying, so on and so forth. This is most especially true once you start to feel exhausted and bored.

While this is a normal tendency, you must understand the fact that the workout will become a lot more effective when done with focus and great intention. The more focused you are in your workout, the more able you are to endure an intense workout. With that in mind, here are some of the most effective tips in enhancing your focus during workouts.

1.   Cheer yourself up!

Focus comes from within so you cannot expect the motivation to come from someone else. In this regard, the best cheerleader that you will ever have is yourself. You can easily boost your motivation, enhance your focus, and set an intention by chanting a mantra. Think of a short phrase or any statement that you think will boost your motivation. For women, one good mantra would be “Fitness is fashion”. Men would certainly benefit from the statement “No giving up”. Play this mantra over and over again in your mind while you work out.

2.   Hush your mind

Working out is one great way to de-stress; however, your inner critic will make the workout feel a lot more stressful. People tend to compare the way their bodies look like to other people in the gym. They would even criticize their stand, posture, and position. All these negative things will do you no good. The key to overcome this is to not stop thinking but to closely monitor your thoughts and when you feel the negative thoughts coming in, block those off.

3.   Get the music playing

A lot of people would wonder how playing music can help increase focus when it might even add to the long list of distractions. They say that music helps set the mood and that is how it can help enhance workout concentration. In addition to that, you may even feel a lot more challenged when you exercise to the beat. Last but not the least, music will help keep your head in the game, allowing you to work a lot harder.

4.   Imagine your dream body

Going to the gym with no specific fitness goal in mind is just wasting time. One great way to improve focus is to have a goal that you can focus on– it can be your target weight or target figure. As you work out, envision how you look like with when you achieve your goal and the various benefits that would come with achieving it.

Follow these simple tips for a more focused and effective workout session.


thumbnail photo credit: theiflife.com