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5 Ways to Make Living S.M.A.R.T. Your New Fit

by: De’Anna Nuñez

The days of skipping meals, drinking our calories and eating only grapefruit for a week are long gone. As a society, our nutrition and fitness knowledge base has evolved. In this information age, we have every resource at the tip of our typing fingers. Yet, there are deceptions of ‘how to get skinny’ inundating our thinking on a daily basis. It’s time to rise above the marketing trash and get SMART.

To keep it simple, here are five very doable actions that you can pro-actively employ that will help you attain your weight loss goals.

Satisfaction: Know your point of satisfaction.

Next time you sit down to eat a meal; put a conscious effort into mentally reading your satisfaction meter. Understanding and knowing when you are full will shift your mood and your thinking. Your mind-body connection is a powerful relationship. In an article written by Harvard Medical School, communication happens between the gut and the brain when food enters the small intestine. A hormonal response is secreted and sends automatic messages through the vagus nerve to our brain. Be conscious of this amazing process happening within your body. Learn your point of satisfaction, and save yourself from over-stuffing by instilling patience. Trust in your physical aptitude doing its perfect work.

Movement: Move your body more and make activity a part of your life.

Moving is an important part of fully embracing the joys of life. A good ‘ole game of baseball in the park, and the joy of traveling the city streets on foot, can only be accomplished with an active mindset and body.  Physical activity snaps our hormone production into full gear, and instantly creates endorphins that make us feel good.  When you catch yourself feeling unmotivated, it is vital to your happiness that you mentally breakthrough your doldrums and tap into your bodies intelligence. Movement is the placebo pill to life balance, and is available as an energy life-force anytime you need it. Open your mind to a new menu of possibilities and move your body at each opportunity.

Awareness: Reframing your perspective on ‘Living Healthy’ through awareness.

Digging up and cultivating what lies beneath your surface is a healthy practice. Understanding your habits and behaviors will liberate you to embrace change and shift into a higher gear of living from your true potential. Deepak Chopra says, In any aspect of life, attention and awareness foster growth. Whenever you focus your attention on a subject or phenomenon, the object of your attention will grow stronger.” Imagine how your fitness level can greatly improve by incorporating this viewpoint into your daily life. When you crash into the pitfalls of eating unhealthy, ask yourself, “Why?” There is a greater purpose to be learned through failure, than just feeling bad about your mistake. More often than not, a deep-seeded behavior is merely peeking its head from the man-hole. If facing these inner demons seem scary, keep in mind, they are a lot more horrifying when they are kept in the dark. Shed some light, and you’ll see it’s only wearing a costume. Once you become aware of something, it changes its identity completely. Living a more fit life happens easily when you are congruent in all areas-mind, body and soul. The threshold to this greater understanding is through awareness.

Repetition:  Act like a success, and you become one.

Repetition is a cycle that your inner mind is accustomed to living out daily. Good habits beget good habits and result in a tangible outcome. Bad habits do the same. Do you use your will power to hold-back food cravings? Then disappointingly, you often fail by giving in to what feels like a Star-Wars-like force; powerless against the dark side? Good news is on the horizon! The same way you got into an overweight body, is how you’ll reduce to a leaner, more fit body.  Create a new normal to your daily repetitive tasks.  Buy different healthy foods at the grocery store this week. Expel the crap from your pantry and fridge. Schedule an activity that you’ve never done before. Hang out with a fit group of friends. Do things that make you say, “I don’t even recognize myself, who is this person?” Repeat those new actions daily. Repeat, repeat, repeat success and when the clock rings midnight, you won’t turn back into an old maid, you’ll find that you remain a princess. Act as if you are a success, and you become that in which you have focused on. Living fit and at your ideal weight will become just who you are.

Tenacity: Keep at it. Never, Never, Ever Give Up!

Resolve to the idea that eating healthy and exercising is simply the way you live your life. With that frame of mind, you will have every bit the momentum necessary to endure any hazard that crosses your path.  The daring and confident Amelia Erhardt once said, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.” Every day you have an opportunity. When you get out of bed, place your feet firmly on the surface below you and choose your thoughts, your responses and your focus. Your smarts are your new skinny; no product, powder or pill can replace the belief you possess within yourself to reach your weight loss goals. Taking care of your health is not a temporary diet, it is a way of life. Never give up.


About the Author

After her mother passing away from obesity, poor health and depression, De’Anna vowed to never question her life purpose again. Helping people achieve optimal health and happiness is her greatest passion. As of late, she’s been dubbed ‘The Fat Whisperer’, De’Anna Nuñez has a specialized gift in guiding her clients to releasing the root cause of their weight issues. She is an Author, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fitness Trainer and Neuro Linguistic Psychology Practitioner. De’Anna has helped women lose up to 105 lbs through her unique methodologies.

Twitter: @DeAnnaNunez
photo credit: www.womenshealthmag.com