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5 Things People Should Know About Being Lean

A lot of people have this misconception that being lean means being skinny, without actually taking into consideration the amount of muscles in their body. Because of this wrong misconception, a lot of people is at great risk of committing some mistakes in dieting and working out. Before you get started on your “being lean” project, it is a must that you should know a few truths about the real definition of being lean.

1. Being Lean is Not the Same as Losing Weight.

A lot of people think that losing weight is the same thing as being lean. For your information, lean body mass is defined as the weight of the portion of the body that is not fat. In lean body mass, you will take into consideration the weight of the muscles, non-fat tissues as well as bones. Keep in mind that any changes in the lean body mass may drastically affect the way you look, without actually affecting your body weight.

2. Lean Body Mass Is Measured Using Various Methods.

Since the body mass is not proportional to your weight, you cannot determine if you are lean or not by looking at the weighing scale. The most convenient way of measuring lean body mass is with the use of a tape measure. Another tool to use is the caliper which is used to measure the amount of subcutaneous fats in certain parts of the body. A more accurate yet more complicated way of determining body mass is through plethysmography. This process will involve the use of a special equipment. All the measurements that would be obtained from these three processes will be entered into a standard formula.

3. An Active Lifestyle Paves The Way To A Lean Body.

If you want to get lean, you should understand the fact that your daily caloric expenditure matters… A LOT. This does not necessarily mean that you have to slave in the gym day in and day out non-stop. You just have to find a good gym routine as well as ways to get up and get moving throughout the entire day. Your goal must be to have higher caloric expenditure and lower caloric intake.

4. Being Lean Means Being Strong.

If you wish to get a lean body in an efficient manner, you may want to include strength training in your program plan. Through strength training, you would be able to build up muscle mass. With higher muscle mass, you can easily burn fat faster even if you are at rest.

5. Achieving a Lean Body is Dependent on Three Things.

A lean body can only be achieved when you take into consideration these three things– nutrition, motivation, and training. Pay attention to all these three factors equally and you can achieve a lean body in no time.