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5 Strength Training Myths You Must Bust

Many people have bought gym memberships and worked their butts out non-stop and are pretty much surprised why their training is not building the way they have it in mind. The problem here, my friend, is education. A little research goes a long way; a reliable source of course.

1.      Strength Training Always Involve Heavy Weights

Athletes would have to disagree on that. Go to an MMA gym and you will find out what these people do to gain strength. Strength is not all about being big and bulky. In fact, these people lift less and do more body weight training exercise and sparring. You might be surprised seeing them ascending on rope without leg assistance. There is no denying that strength can be achieved even without the iron.

2.      Strength Training Will Make You Big

A lot of women, especially, believe that strength training will make them big. Well, in fact, it may; but it also depends on the modality of training. Training for strength will cause you to develop muscle and this is inevitable. The method of training, however, determines if you will grow big or lean. Weight lifting makes you stronger and same goes for running, cycling, swimming etc. The key is, if you don’t want to gain some muscle mass, avoid working out with extremely heavy objects. Nevertheless, training makes you stronger, definitely.

3.      Strength Training Will Render Me Stiff and Inflexible

Being big and strong requires you a little more room for movement because of your size but when we talk about flexibility, this idea is a hoax. In fact, proper training form makes you more flexible because joints, tendons and muscles gets more accustomed to performing more strenuous exercise, especially those involving  full range of motion exercises.

4.      Strength Training and Isolation Exercises

Many people believe isolation exercises will dramatically reduce adipose tissues and result in sculpted physique. Doing a hundred crunches will do very little in reducing the amount of adiposities surrounding your belly. Lowering your body fat percentage and adding up muscle mass is attributed greatly on diet and quality nutrition.

5.      Discontinuation of Strength Training Will Transform Muscle Into Fat

When you started doing strenuous physical exercise, you burn more calories every day. In turn, your nutritional requirement increased and naturally, the body required more food. The problem is, when you decided not to train anymore, the habit of eating more stayed. Unspent calories are stored in the body in the form of fat. Muscle transforming into fat will not happen.