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5 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself To Be Fitter

If you want to have a longer and happier life, it is important to be fit and healthy. As you might have experienced, it is easier said than done. Most of the time, we find temptations and unhealthy habits winning over our health goals. If this is the case, then you will surely find this article helpful. Today, we will be listing 5 amazing ways to motivate yourself to be fitter.

1. Post pictures of you during the time when your weight is most ideal

This is better than looking at pictures of super thin models. According to a study, doing the latter will just stop and hurt your progress when it comes to losing weight. Comparing yourself to other people is not a very good motivator. Instead, it can make you set unrealistic goals for yourself. In the end, if you did not meet your unrealistic goals, you will just suffer from depression and hopelessness.

2. Remember the people that inspire you to achieve your fitness goals

Aside from yourself, who are the reasons why you are changing your unhealthy lifestyle and habits? By doing so, it will be easier for you to keep on working so that you will be able to reach what you want. For example, think of your family; make them your motivation in losing weight. Remind yourself that if you are fitter and healthier, you will be able to be with them longer.

3. Add a bikini or a beautiful dress (smaller than your size) in your closet

Putting a new piece of clothing in your closet is a very good motivator. Doing this will remind you of the weight goals that you have. It will fire up your motivation to make you work harder. We all need an excuse for shopping, right?

4. Reward yourself once in awhile

Do not be too hard on yourself. It will not hurt if you will treat yourself whenever you achieve a goal, which you worked hard for. You can use a reward to fuel your motivation to do what you need to do. For instance,  if you really love sweets, you can treat yourself to a slice of cake once you meet your target weight for the week. Just make sure that you will not overindulge.

5. If there are weight-loss contests or challenges around your place, then why not join one?

Did you know that a sense of competition is a very good motivator for everyone? If you know that you are competing with other people, you will be more motivated to work out.

These are just some amazing ways to motivate yourself to become fitter and healthier. Always remember that at the end of the day, you are doing this for yourself first and foremost. If you are unfit, this is a result of your unhealthy habits. The good news is that it is not yet too late to set your fitness goals. You can still be fit and healthy if you have enough determination and discipline.


thumbnail photo credit: dedicatednotaddicted.com