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5 Common Weight Loss Myths

Are you trying to lose weight? You are probably searching the internet for a miracle pill that can eliminate all those flabs, or for methods that work efficiently. Although the internet is a wonderful hub for good advices, there is still misleading information that you may be able to get. Some provide information that is not medically proven. So do not be blinded with mere promises and claims. Here are some common weight loss myths that you must know in order for you to make sure that shedding out some pounds will not harm you in the end.

Myth # 1: I have to lose 100 lbs. Therefore, I need to increase my exercise routine

If you have been inactive for quite some time, you have to understand that your body may not be able to handle extensive exercise routines as it may impose harm to your body. Although increasing your exercise routines may be beneficial as it can really burn a lot of body fats, the methods should be gradually done so that your body may be able to adjust well.

Myth # 2: It’s 10 AM, I haven’t eaten my breakfast. I am starving but isn’t it a great way to lose weight?

Crash diets can possibly help you lose some weight but it is not for long term purposes. When you starve yourself, you will most likely crave for food rich in fat and sugar, therefore, when you cannot handle your hunger, you will eat more than the allowable amount of calories. Additionally, this type of diet imposes harm to your health. When you do not eat on time, your body will immediately lower your metabolic rate, thus, resulting to additional pounds rather than the other way around.

Myth # 3: I have huge belly and legs, therefore, I should do some sit-ups and leg works.

Here’s the truth: a 20-minute brisk walking can actually make you lose more unwanted fats compared to 100 sit-ups. Yes, although most of your fat reserves may be seen on these areas, it must not be forgotten that your entire body has fat reserves. When you exercise, it is much better to settle for the holistic methods rather than focusing on your tummy and legs. Sit ups and leg works are best if you intend to tone your muscles.

Myth # 4: Let’s hit the sauna rather than the gym. You will sweat more there!

Getting rid of the excess pounds will not work inside a sauna because when you sweat, you are actually losing water rather than fats. It will only make you dehydrated – very harmful, isn’t it? So rather than visiting a sauna or using sauna suits and belly belts, just find a good exercise routine that will work on you.

Myth # 5: I just bought an expensive box of slimmings pills a while ago. So I just need to sit back and relax, and wait till the slimming pills work.

Slimming pills cannot work alone. In order for it to work efficiently, you have to also take a balanced diet and do some exercises. Without these, your slimming pill will not deliver you the result you are looking forward to.

In order for you to lose weight, you have to do it according to what is medically correct. Seek assistance from a reputable fitness instructor who can provide you proven methods. The plans change every now and then especially once a new study arises to contraindicate an existing method. So keep yourself updated and see which will work best on you. Always make sure that losing those extra pounds should make you healthy once the bout is over.