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8 Tips for Creating a Positive Mindset

by Alison Morgan, Relauncher

The power of the mind can never be underestimated.  Your mindset determines your outcome – both in business & life.

Through positive thinking, incredible results can be achieved along with living a happier healthier lifestyle.

Below are my 8 tips for creating a positive mindset, in business & life:

1.  Discover who you really are

Reflect on your past – both good & bad. What influences did your parents have?  What are the trials and challenges you had to overcome to get where you are now?  Look for the positive in the negative to help unleash the true you and a positive mindset.

2.  Everything happens for a reason

Both good & bad.  Very often, it’s the negative experiences that become a pivotal moment in life.  Shaping greatness for today and the future. Understand that everything happens for a reason!  It’s how you reflect and react which will determine your success in your lifestyle and career.

3. Find your passion

Sounds simple, but many people don’t spend enough time unearthing their passion.  Discovering what truly makes you excited and motivated is life-changing. Through the culmination of your skills, passion, personality and life experiences, this is where you begin in finding your passion.

4.  Create your own destiny

You are in control of your own life.  What you accomplish in your lifespan is completely up to you!  For great things to unfold, the mind must be filled with positive thoughts and challenges.  Work out what it is that makes you happy, then go for it!

5. Create clear goals

Create well thought-out goals.  Being focused on your goals will lead you to achieve your dreams.

6.  Embrace your fears

Welcome your fears rather than resisting them.  Let your fears be there, then consciously move through them.  This will give you courage and heighten your positive mindset!

7.  Be grateful

Have gratitude for what is today.  Looking at the positive and filtering out the negative creates another fabulous stepping stone to thinking positively which then can result in achievement & success.

8. Act like a ‘Pro’

In other words, proceed with confidence – even if you don’t feel confident to start with.

Whether it’s your life or your business, through acting confidently in your well thought-out decisions, this gives the perception things are going well.  What follows is a positive mindset, which will then begin to result in positive change and success.

Creating goals and vision for your life & business gives you clear direction eliminating uncertainly.

Through positive thinking and well thought-out path for now and the future, we move towards a more fulfilling and happier lifestyle and career.

About the author

Alison Morgan founded Relauncher, an online source for health and well-being solutions. She is an expert business and marketing coach, creator of Australia’s health and well-being networking events and an industry blogger.