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Open the door to Health, Wellbeing and Peak Performance with HYPNOSIS

Have you ever found yourself making food choices or other choices that aren’t in keeping with the goals you have for your health or weight even though you know you want your goals?

The answer is simple.  Your conscious mind – the one that knows you want to be healthy is only a very small part of your whole mind – the biggest part – your unconscious mind accounts for around 95% and it is in your unconscious mind that your behaviours stem from.

This is where you make most decisions, its where your beliefs about what is right or wrong are stored, where all your automatic processes you don’t think about are controlled and where your values are stored. It controls your emotions and your responses to situations.

So when you do something that on the surface doesn’t seem to be in line with your goals, there is something bubbling away under the surface in your unconscious mind.

It is these characteristics of the unconscious mind that makes hypnosis such a powerful tool for assisting clients in changing their behaviours.  It has been used for hundreds of years to help clients improve their confidence; change behaviours that are impacting their health – such as smoking or excessive eating, help students improve study habits or help clients overcome phobias like flying.  The list of ways hypnosis can assist a client improve the quality of their life really is limitless. According to the World Health Organisation, around 80% of the world’s population can be hypnotised so again the potential to help clients is enormous.

Hypnotism ConceptHypnosis works by talking to the unconscious mind and the conversation takes place whilst the client is deeply relaxed and hyper-suggestibility state. Many problems we have are things we have learned on an unconscious level, so through a direct conversation updating the unconscious mind with new or different information is like reprogramming a computer.  Different results start to happen.

These changes might be different associations – for example, fried food which may have previously been associated with comfort or feeling good can be changed to become something that is no longer comforting and more realistically toxic to the body.

Hypnosis can also be used to mentally rehearse better ways of doing things, so that when a situation arises, you are able to deal with the situation with less stress or emotion.  This is very powerful and can assist you become more effective in their day to day lives and this in turn has positive health benefits.

Because hypnosis talks to your unconscious mind, that part of you that controls you automatic processes, physical change can be achieved through hypnosis.  There have been a significant number of cases where pain control has been achieved through use of hypnosis.  Using hypnosis in this instance, the unconscious mind simply files the information about painful stimuli with the other 1,999,993 pieces of information that it has ignored.  This is why chefs often don’t notice minor burns or perhaps you have experienced this yourself – have you ever noticed a bruise but have no recollection of how you got it?

So simply put, hypnosis can significantly enhance the way you experience your life, because it helps you shape your perception of reality allowing you to tap into the source of the solutions to your problems, safely and painlessly.




post feb 21 Narelle Lee profile picNarelle Lee is a Peak Performance Strategist with a passion for assisting clients reach their fullest potential in whichever part of their lives they wish to focus. When working with clients, she draws on her experience as a Master Hypnotherapist, Master Time Line Therapist and Master NLP Practitioner with her own life experiences to help them experience their lives on a whole new level.

She is particularly passionate about helping clients overcome obstacles that are preventing them from enjoying the quality of life that wellness brings.  Narelle works regularly with clients in the areas of weight loss, smoking cessation as well as senior executives guiding them through breakthrough session processes that result in powerful transformations across many areas of their lives, including their health and relationships.