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SOPHIE GUIDOLIN: Fitness Model, Mother of 2, True Inspiration




I am a mother of two young sons, which of course took its toll on my body, as I gained 28 kilos
throughout each pregnancy!

I embarked on my own personal lifestyle change; I made a huge turn around and changed the way I not only lived but also the way that I treated my body. I learnt to respect my body and admire what a life changing experience pregnancy and childbirth truly was. My whole mindset changed, I felt empowered knowing what my body was capable of.

My first step in the right direction was to start exercising however I was intimidated at the gym. I was nervous that I didn’t know how to use the weight equipment properly, so I avoided weights completely. I also believed in the common myth that doing weight training would make me ‘bulky’. Eventually after not getting the results I was after, I started my journey on weight training program and I was hooked!

The rush and pump that I got from weight training I had never had from anything else before. Combining weight training with cardio saw my body change, but it was still not the results I was hoping for.

So my ‘diet’ was closely examined and I quickly started following a clean eating diet. That you can also start on today, just head to the clean eating guidelines tab!

The word ‘diet’ really scared me. My initial thought was that I would need to restrict my eating, be hungry all the time, or put my body through unhealthy ‘fads’- which is not my idea of fun!

The term ‘diet’ is just a word used to describe what you eat.

Once I changed my diet, my body changed dramatically! I learnt the benefits of eating the right foods, when to eat them and how to cook them.

It was almost instantly that my body started changing once I initiated the lifestyle change’s I mentioned:


Weight training program


Within 3 weeks I noticed a difference, within 6 weeks my friends and family noticed and within 12 weeks the world started to notice.

I went on to compete in 2012 INBA Sportsmodel taking out 1st place.

I am a busy mother of two young children, I work full time and I run my household including all cooking, cleaning, washing. I love the quote, “today’s preparation equals tomorrows success” because I honestly believe that everything comes down to organization.

I am living proof that no matter who you are, what your circumstances are you can achieve the goals you want.

By changing your lifestyle with the guidelines on this site along with your exercise program, you will see results. I’m not promising it will be easy, but I promise it will be worth it!




1. Sophie, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself and your journey?

I’m your everyday, regular mum of two young boys. Whilst pregnant I gained almost 30 kilos for each pregnancy. That alone took a toll on my body-as I’m sure every mother can tell you! I turned my life around, took control of my diet and my boys were my motivation to teach them the importance of correct nutrition and how to best use food to your advantage for energy, endurance and brain function!

My aim is to educate as many women as possible the importance of correct nutrition and diet. Clean eating doesn’t mean boring foods either, I have recipes for free on my website which are all 100% clean (non processed foods) which are suitable for the whole family.

I am also in the middle of releasing my own clothing line called ‘inspire’.

2.How did you get into fitness modeling and to become such a huge spokesperson for health and fitness?

I have been in the modeling industry since I was 13, but after a huge car accident when I was 15 it was very doubtful that I would step foot in front of a camera again, let alone lift weights! My physiotherapist had prescribed me with a very simple exercise program to begin with and I slowly built up my training. I fell in love with weights and soon competed (7) times after!

Being such a big advocate and a huge passion for the health and fitness industry has been recognized as I have regular online updates of meals I am currently enjoying, tips I love, ideas for my children’s meals and everything in between. Its great that I can help other mums and be an example for those mums struggling after giving birth!

3. In the many times you’ve prepared for a competition as a fitness model, what has been the toughest moments and how did you get through them?

No matter what my competition goals are, family and work still have to come first. No matter how tired or how low my energy may be I still have to prepare my boys meals, washing, cleaning and work. Balance is key and nothing should be sacrificed in order for you to achieve only one of your goals.

4. I understand you’ve competed and actually made it to stage in incredible shape before, all on your own without a nutrition coach. When it comes to setting yourself up with a training routine and nutritional plan, are there any valuable lessons you’ve learnt from experience that you can share with our readers?

Listen to your body.

Rule number 1! If you are tired, sleep. Obviously in order to coach yourself into a competition you need to be in tune with your body and not be lazy about it. It all comes down to how bad you want it! A lot of people who attempt to self-coach will fall off as they lack motivation, accountability or commitment.

5. When’s your next competition and what do you want to achieve with it?

I’m not 100% sure at the moment; I’m not prepping for any competitions at this stage. When I compete I like to bring the best I possibly can, with 100% of my energy focused. At the moment I am loving spending every second with my boys who are growing so quickly.

My ultimate competition goal, would love to gain my pro card and compete at a pro level!

6. Aside from winning fitness competitions and bringing an amazing physique to the stage, what are your goals and dreams in life?

My ultimate goal in my life is to raise my boys with values, morals and education. I’ve been a single mum since my boys were young due to my marriage breakdown, so it is super important to me to be the best mum I can be, as their dad lives overseas I am all they have.

I haven’t been shy in letting the world know that my ultimate business goal is to open my own clean eating café on my parent’s winery in Mclaren Vale. This may still be in the pipeline for me yet!!

7. I think what everyone wants to know is, just how you do it all with 2 young boys! Can you enlighten our readers and share with us your daily motivation and how you cope with not only being a competitive fitness model and running your own business but also manage 2 young boys, which I can only assume is not the easiest task! Do you have a secret other mothers don’t know about…

LOL, I think it is called ‘relaxed’ parenting. I genuinely enjoy and appreciate my boys. They are my best friends, the most perfect little souls.

I try not to stress about the little things. Washing, dishes and housework will always be there, but that beautiful day that you could be playing wont be! I always wanted children and I remember playing with the babies at our church from such a young age, I always wanted kids so its not something that I am taking for granted!

I also plan ahead- all food is planned, lunches are prepped, clothes are laid out the night before. We are very structured like that, 5pm is dinner 6pm is bath, 630pm is bedtime reading, 7pm is bed- every night. It works like clockwork and has for years!

8. Most successful people, be it on stage or in business, have mentors or inspiring role models to get them through. Have you got one, and if so, who are they and why?

I have 3 very influential people in my life.

My mum, she is the most family orientated, loving mother I could have ever asked for. She raised us children on a clean eating diet and always put us before herself. My cousin, who is more like a sister to me. She is also my boy’s god mum. She has been there for everything in my life from my sons births, to posing practice, to tanning me for comps and helping me through those last few weeks. My last is my closest friend; we have known each other since we were little. We talk for hours and hours about business and marketing. We are both really driven and have our own lives and business’s, that meet somewhere in the middle. She helps me out a lot with my business.

These 3 people have helped me more than they know, their honesty, individuality and self-less attitude is never far away- even when I’m interstate or overseas.

9. You’ve definitely impacted many Australians, and people all over the world in a positive way with your Facebook page, Instagram and website etc. As you may have already experienced, social media often brings about not only your fans, but also the so-called ‘haters’. How do you deal with this kind of negativity?

I will never forget the first time I saw a facebook page take one of my images and share it. I remember reading the comments as I arrived at the gym and leaving in tears. I drove all the way to my parent’s house (over an hour away) in tears.

My friend called me, laughing so hard about the comments, which is (surprisingly) exactly what I needed because these people only had this one image of me to make their judgment. They didn’t know ‘me’ or the person I am, or my face or anything about me.

This was almost 3 years ago. I can assure you when I see hurtful comments I don’t even read them because what others say of me has no effect of how I view myself. I think it’s all about being happy within yourself and who you are.

10. Can you tell us about your current training routine?

I am currently doing a 5 day split with one of the days being a HIIT session on the cross trainer. I am focusing on strength and technique at the moment- which I am loving.

11. Could you run us through the diet that keeps you lean all year round?

My diet is available online in an ebook format and has everything from how to work out your calories, portions, food groups, a shopping list and everything in between.

My nutrition philosophy is pretty simple though, eat clean- live lean.

12.What supplements do you take and why?

I use isomorph protein powder because it’s a fast absorbing WPI. It tastes amazing and the fact it is low in fats and carbs means I get to eat more food rather than drink it!

13. What advice do you have for all the people out there on their body transformation journey?

It all comes down to how bad you want it, set yourself goals and don’t allow anyone to influence them. Be your own person, make your own path – don’t follow someone else’s.




International Fitness Model

Health & Clean Eating Advocate, Recipe Creator & Blogger.

Lifestyle Coach

Mother of Two



IFBB SA 2012 BIKINI 1st Place

WNBF 2012 Fitness Model 1st Place


INBA SA 2012 Fitness Model 1st Place

IFBB Nationals 2012 Bikini 2nd Place

IFBB Pro Qualifier Bikini 2013 2nd Place


***Article from August 2013 issue Ultimate You Magazine***