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Knowing what Exercise To Do


Knowing the best kind of exercise to do isn’t always easy. With so much information, and so many different funky exercises to choose from, all promising great results, no wonder we’re confused. But one thing is certain; an effective fat loss fitness program must have the following ingredients:

Train regularly. Yes, training twice a week is a very good start but it’s just a start. If you’re serious about getting results, you need to increase your training to between five and six days a week.

Mix it up. I get it from clients all the time. They come for training and when I ask them what they’ve been doing, they say something like. “I’ve been running six kilometres three times a week for the last nine months.” This isn’t going to work. You need to change your WHOLE program every three to four weeks if you’re serious about results.

Intensity not duration. Not ONE of my clients trains for longer than 45 minutes. Between 30 and 45 minutes is plenty of time. On the other hand, anyone capable of easily holding a conversation during their workout probably isn’t going hard enough.

A mix of weights and cardio. In my six-week female fat loss program, the girls train with weights three days a week and do cardio twice a week. This is the perfect balance for promoting optimum fat loss.

Get serious about your cardio. When you’re doing your ‘cardio’, do it at high intensity (as mentioned above), but also make sure you use the right equipment. Your best bets are the rower, treadmill and versa climber (if your gym has one). It’s hardly surprising the laziest gym goers are often the ones on the ‘assisted’ bike and x-trainer.

Go big. Weight training ideally involves using your big muscles. Work your leg, back and chest muscles hard while minimising the amount of time you spend on your tricep and the bicep. Remember, the bigger the muscle the more calories you burn.

Good luck!

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Celebrity Trainer, Blake Worrall-Thompson

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