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Q: Hey Big Frank. I have seen you all over the internet. I have seen your transformation pics. I read your many articles. I saw that you would be starting to write for Ultimate You, which I find to be one of the ONLY magazines that is put out just for information to benefit the reader and not full of shit. I think it’s a great fit for you, and I hope that you are allowed to continue being blunt and honest. My question is about supplements. I see you are now a sponsored athlete with NVIE. But I have read that you would NEVER sign with a supplement company. SO, what gives? Honestly, did you sell out?

-Dave W, USA

A: Hey Dave thanks for writing, and yes! I am now… as you see… also writing for Ultimate You magazine. WHY?
Because I believe in it, and the Editor and owner Andy Anderson is ALL ABOUT truth. That is why we made a good fit. Ok, now to answer your question?
BIG FRANK WILL NEVER sell out! EVER! There is a VERY good reason why I said I would NEVER be a part of a supplement company!

The supplement company is a multi-billion dollar industry. One state where majority of the United States supplements are made, is Utah. Supplements are BIG BUSINESS in Utah. And to help the state flourish, the State Senator for Utah decided to lobby for no regulation on supplements. YES you read that correctly! In the past, supplement companies had to PROVE what was in their products… much like a pharmaceutical company would have to prove what is in a drug. WELL, quality products decrease profits, SO the supplement manufacturers decided to Grab the Utah State senator by the short hairs, and convince him to lobby for change. The SAD part is he won, and the laws were changed. THERE IS NOW NO REGULATION of supplements in the United States! NONE!!! What is even scarier? To send products of the SAME NAME to other countries, supplement manufacturers are forced to CHANGE THE FORMULA to adhere to regulation in OTHER countries! AND even MORE disgusting? The FDA which people believe has their best interest in mind?

Well, the supplement companies do not have to PROVE ANYTHING to them. Just the opposite! The FDA has to PROVE that a supplement is HARMFUL for it to be pulled from the shelves. Some magazines and propaganda will have you believe supplements are pulled from the shelves because they have been classified as a drug because they WORK. Uh… no people. They were pulled from shelves because they were proven HARMFUL! SO, all the geniuses out there who hear a supplement is being pulled from shelves and buy up cases of it to sell after it’s pulled? Uh… it wasn’t pulled because it’s beneficial! It’s pulled because IT WAS PROVEN HARMFUL!!!

I am so glad this is a post and not an open forum because I can only imagine all of the bodybuilding magazine readers who want to argue because of what they read. Ok… I will say this… majority of the published magazines? WHO owns them? DO your homework! AH… did you find a direct relationship to supplement companies? SHOCKER! Plus… do you happen to see any supplement ads? Let me rephrase that… HAVE YOU NOTICED that MAJORITY of the magazines are supplement ads? Now, the people who write for the magazines, do you think it may be to their advantage to create a DEMAND for supplements! AH! Wakey Wakey time! Welcome to reality! Most of the pills you are taking? Rice flour! How much of the desired product is actually IN the supplement? Who knows? WHO WOULD know? THEY CAN SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT! THERE IS NO REGULATION!!!! Your protein powder could be Nestle Quick for all you know! The FDA has to prove it is HARMFUL to you for it to get pulled! NOT whether or not there is actually what they SAY is in the product! Multi Billion dollar industry of LIES and false marketing. Feel stupid? Don’t! I was there myself!


Back in 2001, before I won my first bodybuilding competition, I won a nationwide transformation contest that was HIGHLY publicized in many bodybuilding magazines. It was with a supplement company that was then, and still is one of the largest in the industry. The product I used was their Androstene product that I had to stop taking since I was developing NEGATIVE side effects from (the whole reason I did NOT want to take drugs in the first place!!!) Here I was a natural athlete, VERY against steroids, and I was getting negative side effects that steroids would cause. Nice. SO I stopped taking that, and kept taking their “fat burner”. The problem? Sometimes I would take it and feel NOTHING. Then sometimes I would take it and feel like I was going to have a heart attack, and would get extreme cramping in the prostate and could not urinate. I went to my doctor and the swelling of the prostate was due to ephedrine which at the time was legal. I contacted my coach and he said to stop taking the fat burner because there was no quality control with the product. That’s why they wanted people to take 6 pills. In hopes that out of 6 pills you would get SOME product in you. Well wait… what happens if you get 6 potent pills? Well you stand in front of the urinal for 10 minutes. Well contrary to what the idiots out there will have you believe, ephedrine was pulled NOT because it WORKED!

But because it was PROVEN HARMFUL! Yet you still have people looking for it at truck stops, etc because their trainer said it works, because in the 1990′s they read Bill Philips supplement guide HE GAVE FOR FREE through EAS that said that the ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, Aspirin) stack worked. WOW that was really nice of Bill! To give such wonderful information! And wasn’t it funny that everything he claimed WORKED, EAS just HAPPENED to start manufacturing? Are we REALLY THAT DUMB as consumers? Ok truth time! The ECA stack that your trainer swears by? Yes! It has been documented ABSOLUTELY burns brown adipose tissue! THAT is WHY they can call it a fat burner! There is only one problem! We have WHITE adipose tissue! RATS have brown adipose tissue! YEP! Those were some LEAN rats, but sorry people! The “fat burner cocktail” is all BS. Now… how do I explain people losing weight? Well, the stack DOES increase your heart rate, so you get more out of cardio. It also INCREASE THE SIZE of your heart! Uh… sorry people but that is NOT a positive! In addition it acts as a diuretic. Why would people go through the trouble of proving to the FDA that a supplement is harmful? Simple… PEOPLE DIED!!! Will magazines publish this? OF COURSE NOT! That would be bad business. INSTEAD they point their finger at the government claiming they took our supplements because they work! Sick.


Back to the transformation contest, even though I stopped the supplements, I DID wind up making an incredible transformation, SO I entered my before and after pictures. Well, I won! I still have my certificate award congratulating me. My PRIZE? A case of THOUSANDS of dollars worth of supplements, and a sponsorship. I had never won anything before so I was pretty excited. I contacted my Coach who actually happened to be in Research and development for the supplement company, and told him that I had won. He thought it was great I was recognized and started writing a few articles about me… claiming what supplements I used. BUT the problem was… I didn’t use them. I also did not achieve the gains he claimed I did. If you search my name online, you can find the articles. Ok… I let that go thinking ok… well I WILL be taking these supplements NOW, and they will be free, so awesome! I asked him what I should take and when and how etc. I had EVERY supplement the company made at my disposal. His answer? “Don’t use any of it. It’s all garbage. It’s a Canadian company but isn’t even manufactured in Canada. It’s made in the United States because there is no regulation. It’s all crap. You have a show coming up and I don’t want any of that crap holding you back.” Yes… HOLDING ME BACK! He told me to give it away, sell it, do whatever. Just don’t take it. OH! Wait, he said I COULD eat the protein bars… ON MY CHEAT DAY because they were all sugar and garbage just like a candy bar. NONE of the protein they CLAIMED was in it. The part that bothered me? He suggested I stay with the COMPANY because that would help me get my name out there. Well, call me dumb, but I didn’t WANT my name out there in that way! I was going to send the case back to the manufacturer and I noticed the address! WAIT that was down the street from my gym! I took a little drive and saw the manufacturing warehouse wasn’t quite the laboratory you saw in pictures in the magazines! It was a steel structure warehouse that was an absolute mess, with people working for minimum wage, sweating in the summer in a non air-conditioned building all over products. When I walked up I saw one of my employees father. He was the “facility” manager and… well… I learned very quickly the TRUTH about supplements. He also advised I not waste my time with, “that crap”. And to him it was just a job. NO quality testing. Employees that could hardly read, or speak English. I left the box there, and from then on? I NEVER used another bodybuilding supplement! EVER! A multivitamin and mineral manufactured by a pharmaceutical company and under same guidelines? Yes. But no bodybuilding or performance supplements.

Throughout my competitive career, in the past 15 years MANY supplement companies have contacted me. Usually because of my transformation, or writing, or inspirational ways, etc. I ALWAYS turned them down because in this industry, and “SPONSORSHIP” is usually free product which I DID NOT WANT, AND there was NO WAY I was going to put MY name on something that would mislead people OR potentially harm them. SO for YEARS I would have new clients give me the list of supplements they were taking because their scam artist trainer pushed them on their clients. WHY? Pretty simple! In the shadiest industry on earth, you have trainers who get supplements through wholesale places and then make even MORE money off of their clients by “PRESECRIBING” the supplements they could get them. Of course making a substantial profit in addition to their training fees. What happens when these clients use the supplements as a crutch and you tell them they are garbage and to stop using them? PANIC!!! And what does EVERY client say? INSTEAD of being relieved they will save money? Well…ok! I will stop this, but still take that, that and that OK? haha! Look! I tell clients all the time! I will always be honest! Take what you want to. I am being honest. I have nothing to GAIN by telling you not to use that garbage. But if you insist? Knock yourself out.


Recently I had two guys contact me who were starting a supplement company. Greg Riska and Jesse Corbett. The name of the company? NVIE Nutrition. I was asked by my friend Coach Doug Casbier if I was sponsored by a supplement company and I said NO an that I never would be. Well these two gentlemen wanted to speak o me anyways. I have to admit, in my experience, these two SOUNDED very down to earth, knowledgeable, driven and most importantly to me? HONEST! They told me their vision, their company strategy, and about their products. I have to admit, it all sounded great. They were VERY honest, and said they were surprised I was not with a much larger and established company, so I was honest with them and told them why I was not. When they asked what they could do to get me interested in NVIE, maybe they thought I may have requested money or demanded self promotion. Maybe a commercial, or whatever else athletes want. No I didn’t ask for any of that. My request TO ME was pretty simple. I said, ” You believe in your products and your formulas? I respect that. But I am not taking anyones WORD for it! PROVE it to me. PROVE to me that the products are legit and do what you claim they do.” I think maybe they thought I was crazy because they said they KNEW what was in their products and assured me they were quality and true to the label. I told them that was nice, BUT anyone can say that in the United States. And as unfortunate as it may be? I do not trust anyone in this industry for good reason. Instead of taking offense, they ASKED how they could prove it. Having a manufacturing and Quality Control Background, I told them to get a third party NOT affiliated with them or the manufacturer to do CONSTANT QUALITY TESTING and in addition? Pharmaceutical grade products. NOBODY DOES THAT! NOBODY! SO I said if they could do that? I would be completely on board. If I was going to put my name on ANYTHING, I wanted to believe in it completely and whole heartedly! AND IF I WOULDN’T USE IT? I wouldn’t suggest it!

One week later, Greg and Jesse could not have been more excited to contact me. They did it. EXACTLY what I asked! And people? IT IS NOT CHEAP! And that is exactly why no other company does it! Other companies spent ridiculous amounts of money on advertisement. Well, NVIE is NOT following the pack. They are REVOLUTIONIZING the industry and investing the money INTO THE PRODUCT! The people they are choosing to represent the company? Are not necessarily World Champions, or the most well known athletes in the world. Instead they are incredible individuals with unique stories and who are extremely inspiring. And the goal? Take these great athletes and help make them EVEN BETTER! SHOW PEOPLE that they IMPROVED using NVIES PRODUCTS! TRUE testimonials from those IN the industry! How can they KNOW the athletes are truly USING the products? Well, once again… the common supplement company sponsorship? Gives the athletes free product. Well in most cases? The athletes do not use or believe in the product. SO many times I would be at shows and see people sponsored by one company pulling out another companies product and taking it. Well, NVIE does something VERY different for their athletes! They offer the product at a discounted rate for those sponsored. No free product. That helps nobody. And in return, athletes giving testimonials are telling the TRUTH! The athletes ARE using the products and they can even prove THAT! Instead of just sending free product which others do, because they don’t CARE if the athletes use the products! They want those athletes for what they accomplished WITHOUT their supplements. Well at NVIE, the athletes are purchasing and USING the products, AND IMPROVING! SO what NVIE does to reward it’s sponsored athletes? Paying for their shows, photoshoots, and other industry related costs depending on sponsorship tier. In other words, they are taking good athletes, making them BETTER with their supplements, and then INVESTING IN THEM to SHOW THE WORLD their improvements! SHOW ME ANY company that believes in their athletes or products enough to do THAT!


I will add this also. Many of you have read my articles, and you know the politics that supplement companies pull in organizations. NVIE has athletes in many organizations. They would never TELL someone where to compete unlike other companies. ALSO, they would and will NEVER attempt to sway an organization to favor their athletes. SAD I even have to mention this, but in the past, supplement companies have been dropped by the WBFF because they attempted to TELL Paul Dillett who was going to win his shows… demanding that their sponsored athletes win. Well, if you know Paul Dillett like I do? You know this will NEVER fly with him! EVER! Well, the owners also do NOT believe in this type of action, so not only will they NEVER partake in the shady part of this industry, but in addition? They DO NOT demand ANY specific placing for athletes sponsored. They would rather reward athletes for their performance OFF the stage than on. Because we ALL know how subjective this sport can be. It’s simple… NVIE athletes WILL be better than they have ever been before, and they will prove that before they even take the stage. But once ON stage? They don’t see it as a competition. They see it as a place for athletes to display their hard work. Once again revolutionizing the industry with their unique way of thinking and support of their athletes.

I am proud to be a sponsored athlete, consultant, representative, and approved Coach with Nvie Nutrition. They are THE ONLY supplement company I will EVER endorse or suggest to anyone. I use NVIE products and you HAVE MY WORD that they are pure, potent, and work. YOU WILL see and feel a difference just as I have, and the other athletes who have been using the products. Expect HUGE things in the next year from NVIE! We are making HUGE strides toward helping people CHANGE THEIR LIVES!!!


Check them out at www.nvienutrition.com and watch this space monthly, and also the Ultimate you facebook page and MY facebook pages where I will from time to time give discount codes so people can see for themselves that the products WORK! YOU HAVE MY WORD!