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Interview with WBFF Fitness Model World Champion Justin Gonzales

Age: 28

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 190


Justin congratulations on an amazing Victory, what does it feel like to be world champion?

Thank you so much. First of all it’s an amazing honor just to have been on stage with all of those beautiful people at one time. To be World Champ I am truly blessed and grateful for this accomplishment. I’m still the same person as I was going into the show, just with a new higher title to obtain.


How did you start your fitness & bodybuilding journey?

I started off as a trainer in 2006. In 2003 I played division 1 soccer at Georgia Southern University straight from high school. Played 2 years but had no direction with my degree, so I quit school after the 2nd year. While deciding what I wanted to do with myself since I was known as a college dropout, I decided to take better care of myself in the gym and started training and less of going out and partying. I became a trainer in 2006 and in 2008 I was given a 2nd chance with my assistant coach from GSU who had become head coach at North Georgia College & State University who had offered me a full ride to come back to play soccer and finish off my degree. I did so, and to repay him (Pat Parris) I was given the Captain role where I helped train my fellow teammates in the gym and was able to be a leader and role model for each and everyone on and off the pitch. Getting that second chance is what helped me guide my way in fitness and living the OneEightyLifestyle.com


Tell me about your mindset towards training, nutrition and healthy living and how do you get through the challenging times?

My mindset is easy, I never give up. Training is my favorite because I train the old school way. I go until my muscles can’t go anymore. I enjoy hitting every body part with at least one set every day even if I’m dedicating that day to a particular muscle group. I grew up 5 miles from the beach so I’m use to maintaining that beach body look. Nutrition wise, I put all the pressure on my sister-in-law Chelcea Gonzales who is my nutritionist who is also a WBFF PRO. She is absolutely amazing at what she does. Check her out at OneEightyLady.com. My WBFF Family helps those challenging times for we inspire and motivate one another which is amazing because at the end of the day we are more like a family than competitors against one another.  I love my team for we are all supportive of one another and we are able to turn to each other if it’s toward prep, competition or just life itself.


What was your training routine like preparing for the WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas? (Program example)


What was your nutrition like preparing for the worlds? (Diet example)


Meal 1 – cream of rice, egg whites, bell pepper

Meal 2 – ground turkey, brown rice, brocolli

Meal 3 – chicken breast, brown rice, green beans

Meal 4 – protein shake

Meal 5 – chicken breast, turkey bacon, quinoa, brussel sprouts

Meal 6 – protein shake, egg whites, oatmeal


What supplements do you take & why? (Example)

Lean Protein- fast-absorbing to support lean muscle! Great for anytime of the day and a great meal replacement

CLA-(Conjugated linoleic acid) not only reduces body fat but also increases muscle strength and exercise endurance.

PreWorkout- Any and all types. Gives me energy  and helps me.


What was the biggest challenge you faced going after the world title?

My biggest challenge going after the world title would have to be staying disciplined on my nutrition plan. Being Italian and Philippino, I crave rice, pastas, and bread. On my diet plan, none were to follow.  Which made me a sad guy at times but I stuck with it and look where it placed me. Had me competition with the Best of the Best and landed me first place. Discipline is key to success.


What drives you to do what you do day in & day out?

I feel like my demeanor in life is to inspire and to motivate and to give back to others. Most of it is for the way my mother raised me since she taught me to always be respectful and to never be greedy or needy.  I love giving an ear when it’s needed and helping people through hard times and with day to day decisions. I’ve always put people first and me last. I wouldn’t have it any other way. What motivates me is the people that I see busting their ass to get what they want whether it’s in the gym or if it’s working to put groceries on the table to feed their families.


What’s one piece of advice someone has given you that has stuck with you over the years and helped with your success?

“Live Life”, “Live Inspired” it’s that simple. Life is full of surprises so just live to be happy and to be helpful to others. “Always be Humble and Always be Yourself”


What does the future hold for WBFF World champion Justin Gonzales?

The future for me is simple. I live to Inspire. I currently work for MusclePharm- Apparel Division and couldn’t ask for a better job. The people I work with are very understanding with my lifestyle in fitness and are as supportive as can be. I’m currently a Fitmark Athlete (FitMarkBags.com) and am hoping to be picked up by others sponsors soon. Since the show my good friends Drew and James have put together a fitness/model website for myself JustinGonzalesFitness.com and I’m looking forward to blogging and giving fitness and nutrition tips on it daily. Hoping to get signed with a few modeling agencies and have myself a manager to help grow my name as well as the Wbff. I would love to move to California to pursue in Modeling and Acting and I’m hoping to land some covers of magazines real soon.










Arnold Press 4 12-15
Barbell Curl Wide Grip 4 12-15
Box Jumps 4 10
Hands on Floor Feet on Ball crunches, knees to chest 4 15
Pull Ups Wide Grip 4 10
Tricep Cable Kick Back (pause and squeeze/flex each rep) 4 12-15
Box Jumps 4 10
Plank 4 30 sec
Calf Raises (smith machine) up and squeeze 4 15
Lower Back Higher Extension 4 10
Box Jumps 4 10
Side Plank, alternate each side 8 30 sec
Cable Row One Arm 4 12-15
Side Lat Raise with Barbell 4 10
Box Jumps 4 10
Hands on floor feet on ball pikes 4 10
Incline Treadmill (no holding on) Level 3-4 Incline 12 25 min







Lat Pull Down Wide Grip, Pause at neck 4 12-15
Reverse Pec Dec 4 12-15
Dumbell Raises Palms down Straight ahead 4 10
Forward Lunges 4 20 each leg
Pull Ups using close grip V handle on pull up bar 4 10
Dips 4 15
Close Grip Row w cable 4 10
Reverse Lunges 4 20 each leg
Incline Bench 4 15
Wide Grip Barbell Up right row, not traps for rear delt 4 10
Standing Scull Crushers 4 10
Forward Lunges 4 20 each leg
T-Bar Row 4 12-15
Single Arm DB raise Palms up 4 10
Single Arm Concentration Curls 4 10
Reverse Lunges 4 20 each leg
Incline Treadmill
Start at incline 10, speed 7 (soon you’ll do incline 12-15)
Run for 10 sec, rest for 50
You will start at like 1:05 and jump off at 1:15, then jump back on at 1:25
After every sprint increase speed by .3
Finish when you get into speed of 12+






Tabata Squat (air squat as fast as you can) 4 15 sec
Calf Raises (smith machine) up and squeeze 4 12-15
Leg Extensions single leg 4 20
Hanging Toes to Bar 4 10
Squat 4 10
Box Step up Single Leg with 135lbs 4 10
Reverse Lunges with 135lbs 4 10
Hanging Toes to Bar 4 10
Lying Leg Curls two legs (squeeze each rep) 4 12
Lay on back feet on ball, hips in air and roll ball back and curl legs 4 15
Bulgarian Lunges (1 ft on bench or seat holding dumbells) 4 10
Hanging Toes to Bar 4 10
Sumo Dead lift 4 10
Seated Calf Raises (single leg) 4 10
Leg Press toes high up and out 4 10
Hanging Toes to Bar 8 10
Eliptical 25 min
1 min regular speed, 20 sec full sprint, repeat