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Interview with international fitness model Jacqueline Elizabeth

Age: 26
Height: 5 Feet 2 inches
Weight: 102-105 lbs (contest)
112-115 lbs (non-contest)

What inspired you to become fitness model?

I grew up playing sports and have always had a passion for fitness. However, I had gained 40 lbs my freshman year of college (coming off my senior year of high school where I broke my back and had 2 discs disintegrate) despite playing collegiate soccer. I fought to get the weight off. After 2 more years of collegiate soccer and many more injuries I decided to hang up my soccer cleats. I started to bartend and started gaining weight again. I decided I wanted to get in great shape and I was also looking for something competitive in my life. I started training for my first fitness competition and competed in November of  2008. A few short months later I found out that I was pregnant. After I had my daughter I knew I wanted to eventually compete again and be in the best shape of my life.  I really like to inspire people to make changes in their life and hope that in some way my story can reach out to others and inspire them and make them believe they can achieve their fitness goals.

What drives you to train every day and eat right and live a healthy lifestyle?

The main force that drives me is my three and a half year old daughter. Being a single mom I know I need to keep healthy and fit and be able to provide for my daughter. I want to show her a healthy lifestyle and teach her that you can achieve your dreams.

When I was growing up I had horrible eating habits where my idea of breakfast in high school was a candy bar and pop and I do not want my daughter creating bad habits at a young age. With the prevalence of overweight and obese children and the number of diseases rising because of weight issues I want to set a good example and teach my daughter the proper way to take care of herself.

You’re a busy mother, how do you find the time to achieve all of your goals?

I focus on what is important. My number one priority is to be a great mom to my daughter. There a days where it is hard to get everything I need to done so I try to plan ahead. There are days where I get up at 3am just so I can get my workouts in and done. You have to create a schedule and stick to it and be prepared. If you are prepared there is no reason you cannot achieve your goals.

What mental strategy do you use on those tough days when you feel like giving up?

Oh the tough days! We all have those no doubt! I am very hard on myself I expect a lot out of myself (definitely due to all the years of playing sports) so on tough days I yell at myself. I will go over in my head my goals, my dreams, my reason for doing all of this, and I think of my daughter and providing a great life for her. After, I run through things in my head I talk/yell myself through it out loud. I will say, “You have this” “You can do it” “Focus” “Get your butt going” “Remember you are your only competition so get out of bed” I also will grab some headphones and turn on music and shut out the rest of the world and get lost into my workout. I also think of everything I have been through and everything I have accomplished and remind myself if I didn’t give up through all of that why would I give up now.

Could you run us through your diet? (Example)


  • I am a very plain person when it comes to my food and quite picky. There are a lot of things I do not like to eat.
  • Typical Breakfast during season is egg whites and Ezekiel bread. I am not a huge fan of oatmeal but sometimes I will make and egg white omelet and throw dry oatmeal in with it while it cooks.
  • Off-season I will eat oatmeal with cinnamon and an apple. For some reason I can handle oatmeal if I have an apple with it.
  • I will then normally have a protein shake (contest season) or a small snack (off season some almonds, Greek yogurt with flaxseed and pineapple)
  • Third meal is normally some form of lean protein with vegetables or carbs (brown rice, Ezekiel bread)
  • Fourth meal is typically a protein shake or a handful of almonds, cashews, rice cakes, or raw vegetables
  • Fifth meal is a protein with carbs or vegetables (in season lean meat) Off-season this is typically dinner so I might make Tacos, chili, stew, stir-fry, or soup. I use clean eating recipes and rules but I am not as strict in the off-season with what I cook for dinner.
  • Sixth meal is normally egg whites and vegetables during season and a protein shake or fruits or vegetables during my off-season.
What training routine do you use? (Example)


  • Off-season I like to lift very heavy and superset my exercises. I also like to include plyometrics and anaerobic training. Being a former soccer player and figure skater I just enjoy these types of workouts.
  • I will normally lift 2 muscles groups per day and love to hit legs twice a week. I will do cardio 3-4 times a week about 30 minutes a session.
  • An example of one of my favorite Leg workouts (this is a heavier Leg):
  • Lying Leg Press 3 x 15 SUPERSET with jump squats 15
  • Static Smith Machine Lunges 3×15 (each leg) SUPERSET with 10 Split Squat Jumps (each leg)
  • Deadlifts 4×10 SUPERSET Hack Squat (or Smith Machine Squat with narrow stance) 4×10
  • Plie Squats 3×12-15 SUPERSET Single Leg Cable Squats 3×12
  • Calf raises 3×25 SUPERSET Single leg Calf raise 3×15 (each leg)
  • During season I vary my workouts I do some higher weight lower rep sets I also do some lower weight higher rep sets.
  • I only lift one muscle group per day during season and kick up my cardio.
What supplements do you take and why? (Example)


  • I take Omega 3’s (Fish oil):
  • This is an essential fatty acid, which means your body does not produce it. During contest season I do not eat a lot of foods that provide Omega 3’s so I add them in. You can find them in food like flaxseed, walnuts and fish. (Again, I am not a huge fan of seafood). Omega 3’s have been found to help with joint pain and inflammation and can help reduce the rick of heart disease and arthritis.
  • I will take Advocare Sparks mixed with arginine extreme or a Slam for a pre workout just for some energy if I need it. I do not take pre workout supplements routinely and the last month of contest prep I will not take any pre-workout.
  • I drink protein shakes. I like Dymatize Iso-100 (cookies and cream or Vanilla are my favorites)
  • Post workout I will sometimes take advocare nighttime recovery and that is only if I am really sore at the end of my workout to help with muscle soreness and recovery.
What does the future hold for Jacqueline Elizabeth?

I think the future is bright. I LOVE impacting and making a difference in people’s lives. I would like to continue to do my fitness modeling and gain my pro card with the WBFF. I really want to be a role model for people around the world. It is not about being thin or skinny it is about being healthy and comfortable in your own skin. You have to love who you are and be happy with yourself in life.

I would like to eventually open my own training studio to train my clients in. I also have a passion for sports so getting into working with athletes from a strength and conditioning stand point or coaching is something I can see myself doing. (I have actually already applied to some soccer coaching positions)

And as gift to help others I would like to go around to the high schools and talk to the children about being healthy and making healthier choices and teach them about being fit and active. There is just such a high rate of obesity and it breaks my heart to see young children not know any better or understand the importance of nutrition and exercise.

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Special Thanks to GW Burns for providing all images for this article.