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Andy Anderson Interview with Bodybuilder Aaron Curtis

Hey Aaron! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your story – How did you get into bodybuilding / Have you always been into health and fitness?

I have been involved in competitive sport since I was 6 years old. I got into competitive bodybuilding at the age of 24. I had been training with weights since the age of 14, but was never interested in competing, until I ceased football/athletics, due to various injuries.

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What is your approach to training & competition in terms of mental and physical? For instance do you believe in time off training/ Do you have off seasons and off days?

I train because I love training hard and trying to better myself. If I didn’t compete, it would be offseason 365 days a year! I have never been interested in trying to look good, I just want to get bigger/stronger. I have generally always had 2-3 off days/week. My body responds better when training less frequently.

How did you develop the discipline that you have to meal prep, train, work hard and resist all other temptations?

I am not sure. I just do the things I need to do, that keep me progressing in the gym.

I’m curious about the environment you have created for yourself to support the success of your goals, could you tell us about that?

To be honest I would rather isolate myself, to create the most advantageous environment for me. I work better alone. That being said, I have a very supportive fiancé and my parents have always supported me in everything I have done.

Andy Anderson Interview with Bodybuilder Aaron Curtis

Can you run us through what your daily diet looks like?

  • 0530 – Breakfast: Chicken Breast, Brown Rice, Chili, Salt, Pepper.
  • 0930 – Pre Bed: Salmon, Lettuce, Celery, Tomato, Mushroom, Nuts, Seeds.
  • –==SLEEP==–
    1430 – Pre Workout: Kangaroo, Brown Rice, Chili, Salt, Pepper.
  • 1700 – *Pre Workout Shake: WPI, BCAA’s, Creatine.
  • 1710 –==Training==– *Intra Workout Shake: BCAA
  • 1830 – *Post Workout Shake: WPI, BCAA, Creatine, Dextrose.
  • 1850 – Post Workout: Kangaroo, Potatoes, Chilli, Salt, Pepper.
  • 2200 – Dinner: Chicken/Beef with Steamed Green Vegetables or Salad.
  • 0030 – Pre Bed: Eggs, Salmon, Salt, Pepper.

What’s your favorite method of training and why?

Low volume. One set to failure.


What are your top 3 favourite exercises to do and why?

Squat, Deadlift, Bench. I like trying to lift heavy weights.


What would be your top 3 fat burning tips?

Lift weights. Eat as many calories as possible, whilst still at a deficit. Drop weight SLOWLY.


What would you say to people starting out on their health & fitness journey to help them achieve success?

Well that depends on their goals and what they see as ‘success’.

So a few general tips: Find a form of training you enjoy and do it well. Get your nutrition in check. Be consistent and give yourself time, nothing great happens over night.


What are your goals & vision for your bodybuilding career in the future?

I just want to get as big and strong as possible!

I will be competing this Sep/Oct and plan to present the biggest and most shredded physique I have displayed to date.

That is my only goal each time I compete.




Aaron Curtis was once a skinny boy, who dreamed of running marathons, surfing Pipeline and Waimea Bay, playing Australian rules football and competing in the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon.

Throughout his younger years, he participated mainly in track and field, cross country and Australian rules football. He also participated in Gymnastics from ages 6-10.

Aaron began training with weights for no apparent reason in 1998. After numerous injuries, he began spending less time running track and playing football and more time in the school gymnasium.

Adding more muscle to his little frame with each passing year, he no longer excelled in the sports he was most genetically gifted at (middle distance running/cross country/football) and moved more towards the throwing events to make the school track and field team.

In late 2002 Aaron fell out of a tree (yes srs) and tore a chunk of cartilage off the bottom of his femur, also tearing his medial ligament in the process. This forced Aaron to be far more inactive (cardio wise) than he was used to and he started spending even more time in the gym. After waiting around 12 months, he underwent a cartilage graft, which involved removing some of his own cartilage cells, culturing them up in the hospital and then later grafting the cartilage back into the injured knee. The recovery process meant spending 3 months on crutches whilst the graft hardened and set into place, during which time he hired a wheelchair and spend most of his spare time ‘tricking’ in the chair and seeing how fast it could go down his street. Six months post op, he started rehabbing the knee in the gym with very light bodyweight movements, extensions and curls. Twelve months post op, his knee was 100% and his legs were starting to take shape.

Starting up a muck-around basketball team with some friends around 2004, who’s uniform included rather tight singlets and short shorts (they were actually underwearz) he tried to get back into competitive sports, athletics/football/basketball.

Struggling to be as competetive as he once was, he was plagued by soft tissue injuries and was becoming more and more frustrated.

After tearing his hamstring for the 1647th time (not quite srs) running a 400m race in early 2008, he decided to hang up his spikes/football boots and focus solely on becoming a competitive bodybuilder.

He had been eating/training like a bodybuilder since 2003, so the lifestyle was there already. He thought he would give in to the constant pressure from others and may as well compete in a bodybuilding show and see how he faired.

The 2008 season went well and although overdieting left him flat and a little smaller than what he should have been, he won the INBA Mr Novice Australia title.

Having to sit out the 2009 bodybuilding season after tearing his medial ligament, vastus medialis, and adductor magnus, whilst participating in a wrestling/rugby match during a ‘foam party’ at a nightclub in Indonesia (also srs), he focussed on the 2010 season.

2010 was a very interesting year for Aaron Curtis. After having focussed on winning the state ‘intermediate’ title for the past 2 years, Aaron found himself winning the ANB state overall title and coming a close 2nd in the INBA state titles. He then went on to get a close 2nd yet again at the INBA nationals titles and came home from the 2010 ANB Australian Championships as the overall national champion, I title he had never dreamed of winning in 2010, as he believed he was 5-10 years of training, away from such a title.

Around 2 weeks after nationals, Aaron became aware of many athletes testing positive to methylhexaneamine due to use of many popular bodybuilding pre workout supplements. Methylhexaneamine is a dietry supplement which is legal for use ‘out of competition’ periods but is prohibited ‘in competition’ periods. Aaron had been using the product ‘jack3d’ around the time of his comps and realised that he would soon be receiving a letter from ASADA/WADA informing him of his positive test/s.

Aaron was later banned from all ASADA/WADA sanctioned sports for 2 years and stripped of his ANB national U90kgs and overall title and also his INBA state and national intermediate titles. He still holds the 2010 ANB Mr Victoria overall state title, as he did not test positive in that competition.

Aaron is now training hard during his forced offseason, focussing on being the biggest and best bodybuilder he can be, when he next gets up on stage.

Aaron is a lifetime natural athlete, with no use of any pro hormones, anabolic steroids, growth hormones or peptides. At this stage of his life he has no desire to ‘enhance’ and make the transition across to the ‘untested’ competitions.

During his ban from natural competition, Aaron will be getting up on stage in 2012 in the IFBB and NABBA federations. He is looking forward to getting up on stage with the BIG boys and displaying the best physique that he can. Although competing in untested shows in 2012, Aaron will be competing as natural athlete and will not be taking any substances that are prohibited within the natural bodybuilding federations that he competes in.

With the sole goal of becoming the best natural bodybuilder that he can be, Aaron puts very little emphasis on how he looks/places compared to any other athlete. He focuses on bettering his past performances in regards to size/symmetry/proportion and definition of his own physique. For Aaron, bodybuilding competition is a way of measuring his own personal progress, not about winning titles or trophies.

‘Get massive.’ – Aaron Curtis =]