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Why Yoga, Why Now…Why Not?

By: Jess Jones

Top 5 reasons to make yoga a part of your day AND how to get started!

YOGA, meaning “union” has been around some 5000+ years, back in the 70’s the ‘free spirits’ embraced the concept and only in the last 15 years or so, has the mainstream health and fitness industry begun to realize/accept the benefits of this life changing practice. So what’s in it for you? Well, besides looking and feeling amazing…

Bow pose


Yoga will undoubtedly improve your flexibility, range of motion, posture, and body awareness, but did you know, that with regular practice you WILL increase strength, muscular endurance, core control, joint stability, balance AND cardiovascular condition?! It’s like a one stop shop for the physical body!! And it doesn’t stop there.



Through careful sequence of postures coupled with deep, efficient breathing techniques, function of the organs may be improved, resulting in positive outcomes in ALL major systems of the body! (Namely: Digestive, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Lymph and again, the musculoskeletal systems.)



As the body learns how to breathe efficiently, the mind naturally begins to quiet. You will learn to control your thoughts, clear your mind, improving concentration, focus and mental clarity. You may also be interested to find an increased productivity throughout your day!



Yoga enables you to let go of negative emotions, cleansing and allowing you to foster positive outlooks and feelings creating an internal sense of balance. An increase in self-efficacy and self-esteem is almost certain leading to an overall increase in happiness.



Yoga is NOT a religion, it does however, allow you to connect with your own belief systems on a deeper level. Whether you reach your version of enlightenment, find peace within your day, become more compassionate, perhaps learn to detach or find harmony from within, you will find yourself peeling back layers to your soul without even realizing it.

meditation with rio


The almighty STRESS REDUCTION which falls under all of these categories! It has been proven time and time again that regular yoga practice will, without a doubt, help to reduce stress in the long term and teach acute stress management techniques (how to cope when something really stressful happens!) Saying goodbye to stress means goodbye high cortisol levels which in turn means GOODBYE BELLY FAT!!!


Healthy Homework:

This month begin by setting aside 10 minutes every day (morning is best,) to sit in a quiet place and quiet your mind. Focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.  Place one hand on your navel. With each inhalation feel the abdomen expand, float forward, and with each exhalation feel the abdomen return, settle. If it helps to focus the mind on something, begin by slowly counting the seconds of the breath coming in and out, and allowing the breaths to gradually lengthen, deepen. (ex. inhale 4 seconds, exhale 6…gradually inhale 6, exhale 8)


Jess Jones

Article by: Jess Jones

Jess Jones combines her love of travel and passion for health/fitness with beautiful photography to inspire people around the world to begin their own journey through her website Journey with Jess Jones. Follow along with her wild adventures one laugh, story and photo at a time and become inspired today at  www.journeywithjessjones.com …because life is a journey, not a destination.