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Top 10 Most Dangerous Adventure Sports in the World

1. Base Jump

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Base jumping comes from the acronym of its categories as B-building, A-antennas, S-spans, and E-earth.  It is an extremely dangerous sports activity wherein the person jumps from a fixed object and uses a parachute to break their fall.  It is more dangerous than skydiving due to the low altitude of the jump resulting in a low-velocity parachute problem.  According to statistics, 1 out of 60 base jumpers die.  Take the case of a Sweden diver, Wioletta Roslan, she was 4 months pregnant then when the tragic event took place.  She jumped alongside her boyfriend when her parachute failed to open thus took her life.


2. Free Style Motorcross

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Free Style Motorcross is also known as FMX is a variation of the sports Motorcross wherein rides took aerial leaps, jumps, and stunts to impress the judges.  The judges often evaluate the style, difficulty, and originality of the tricks of the rider.  They usually use modified motorcycles to lower the weight and improve their performance.  In this type of motocross the riders’ maneuvers while soaring dozens of feet in the air without any safety net most likely were playing on the thin line of danger and death.  One reported case is on Jeremy Lusk of California who died after he crashed while trying a backflip in one of the competitions in Costa Rica. He was not successful to rotate while he was soaring more than 20 feet above the ground.  He landed on his front tire and crashing his head thus he sustained severe head injuries and eventually died.


3. Aggressive Inline Skating

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According to Wikipedia, it is a form of inline skating which focuses on gliding and spinning with the use of special kind of inline skate.  The sport uses platforms, ramps, and obstacles while they are performing the trick which makes it more extreme.  This will most likely require an advanced level of skating abilities in order to perform properly and with some degree of safety.  Countless falls, bruises and broken bones are likely to endure the skater by if safety is not followed.  However, Aggressive inline skating has become a subversive sport due to reports and assessments by ESPN, which resulted in the removal of aggressive skating from the famous x-games.


4. Extreme Skiing

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This is also known as big mountain skiing or free skiing.  This sport is performed on extremely long, steep slopes along mountainous terrains at least 45 degrees descents.  Because of the extreme long steep slopes and even very dangerous terrains, single mistakes of the rider can cause injury or even death.  The North American skiers who promoted the sports are known as the extreme 6 and were named among the top 6 skiers during their period that includes: Shane McConkey, Glen Plake, David Kraft, Scot Schmidt, Dough Coombs, and Seth Morrison.

5. Bungee Jumping

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It is a tremendous sports activity that involves jumping on a tall platform such as buildings or bridge while connected to a huge rubber cord. The excitement comes when the person jumps, the elastic cord stretches and as the jumper flies upwards again as the cord retracts and continues to escalate up and down.  Nearly all the accidents in the sports occur not because of faulty bungee cords, but because of human faults in attaching it securely to the platform and the jumper.   Since it started as a sport in 1979 until 2009, wherein more or less than a hundred people had lost their lives from bungee jumping.  Come to think of it, it is obvious that it has a huge threat of danger because of jumping from a dangerous height attached to nothing but only on a large elastic cord!


6. Ultimate Fighting

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Ultimate fighting originates from mixed martial arts.  This is a full-contact sport that uses grasping and strangling techniques while standing on the ground.  It is in a form of traditional and non-traditional mixed martial arts.   Because it is a full-contact sport like boxing, fighters usually end up having cuts and wounds that are why it is normal to see stains of blood around the combat area. According to studies, there is a great chance of having a brain and joint injuries in striking and grappling sports.


7. White Water Rafting

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It is a recreational activity since the mid 70’s using a raft to navigate the river or other bodies of water.  But this is usually done on whitewater or other degrees of rough water to add on to the thrill and excitement of the raft passengers.  They use an inflatable boat which is usually propelled by the paddles.  It can be considered a dangerous sport especially if basic precautions are not considered.  According to the American Whitewater, ten people died in 2006 in the US while on commercially guided rafting trips.  There are about  6-10 whitewater rafting deaths for each 2.5 million user days on guided rafting trips, 1 death for every 250,000 to 400,000.  Moreover, about 30% of those deaths come from heart conditions or heart attacks. But right now due to more improve equipment this has become a well-loved sport by the enthusiasts.


8. Sky Diving

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This is commonly known as parachuting as divers will jump off an aircraft using a parachute to help them aid to descend on the land.  Before it much of a purely recreational activity and competitive sport until such time that it is used in the deployment of airborne military personnel. According to statistics, despite the danger, fatalities are very few. However, every year a number of people get hurt or even killed parachuting around the globe. There are about 21 skydivers killed each year in the United States, approximately one death for every 150,000 that is about 0.0007%.

9. Mountain Climbing

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Also known as mountaineering, this sport involves challenge and perseverance to climb a hill, mountain, rocks or block of ice.  It requires proper timing and techniques in order for the climber to reach the summit.  It is considered as the risky activity as the mountains are filled with danger and outdoor factors such as lighting, thunderstorms, avalanche and rock fall can hamper your mount.  In the year 2002 Babu Chiri Sherpa, known as the toughest Mt. Everest climber ever died simply by stepping in the wrong place and falls.  High altitude on the summit could also be dangerous and can cause the death of the Mountaineers.

10. Bull Riding

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It is one of the best American traditions wherein a rider gets on a bull and tries to stay on the top while the bull is trying to buck off the rider.  This is considered the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports.  Prepare yourself to be dragged, stomped on and landed on by bulls. Keep in mind that these bulls weigh from 1,000 to nearly 2,000 pounds of solid angry muscle.  Bull riding has the highest injury of any rodeo sports as it accounts for approximately 50% traumatic injuries to contestants.

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